Women are Powerful and they have proved it!

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Sometimes, women are considered as the weaker gender. But on closer look, it is seen that they are more powerful than men. They can easily succeed in their respective fields with their will power and endurance. Let us trace back to some times when women have proved their power to excel in whatever they do best.

In the past, women were considered as a house maker. They were given less education, and their roles in society were restricted to home making and child rearing. But now, women have proved that they are equally capable of doing any job as men. In fact, it has been proved that for some jobs like those of fashion designers, women are more efficient.

Women have proved that they can be strong and tough if they want. They can face any opposition with courage, like there were many examples of women who successfully faced the most difficult circumstances in their lives.

They are very good administrators because they are more organized and will always try to bring perfection in whatever task is assigned to them.

We can see many examples of women managers who successfully run organizations where men cannot run it successfully. There was a woman who was a film producer, and she proved that women can also excel in the glamour world. Likewise women have proved their worth to the society.

In today's world, there are several examples of women who break all stereotypes which were attached to them for thousands of years. "A woman is made strong by her mind when she does not let her circumstances break her down.

Fatimah Jinnah was a very brave women. She was the only woman who stood next to him and co operated with him during his struggle for Pakistan.

In fact, Fatimah Jinnah assisted her brother Nawab Mohammad Ali Jinnah, in providing support and strengthening his political party.

In a world where women are rarely heard, Fatimah Jinnah emerged as a strong voice for Pakistani women. Her struggle was not limited to Pakistan's freedom alone but she actively participated in establishing social welfare institutions such as The Muslim Women’s Association of Triplicane Madras and The Women's Relief Committee Bombay. She also established a women orphanage and other welfare associations. Fatimah Jinnah was the first Muslim woman who contested for the post of President of the Constituent Assembly and later became its first Deputy Speaker.

One such example of a brave woman was Benazir Bhutto. She had to face many opposition and threats during her struggle. But she did not back down from the demands of democracy and continued struggling for democracy in Pakistan. She won elections three times.

Another woman who keeps up with her struggles day in and day out for democracy is Asma Jahangir. She is a brave women who has worked tremendously for women rights all around Pakistan. But she has faced much criticism from men, but she still continues to struggle for justice.

In conclusion, it can be said that in today's world women have proved to be a blessing for the country due to their efforts and hard work. They have achieved so much from being simple housewives, and they have changed society's perspective towards them completely. Their will power is amazing, and they are equally capable of handling business as well. There are many tremendous ladies but I only talked about a few. I will continue or link another post with it InshAllah.


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