The Daily Diary Game - 19 November 2021 - Friday

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I usually do not write diaries now because of personal reasons, but today I have no topic to talk about and have not read anything new, so I thought, why not write a diary today.

Daily Diary Friday 19 November 2021


As you can see from the list of alarms, I set so many alarms daily to wake up because it is so difficult for me to stand up from a soft, comfy bed and go to university. Winters usually make us lazy. And you know what, still my mama wakes me up. I set alarms for my family to wake me, lol.

I woke up at seven and ate breakfast, egg, and bread and then hurriedly got ready checked my bed and the necessary registers. Then I went to university. The weather was so pleasant and soothing. Even though I was getting late for the class, I slowed my pace and enjoyed the cold breeze.

My first class was on business communication. We usually enjoy BC's theory class because the teacher is so kind, and we appreciate her class. Then we took CVFA, DLD, and DSA classes. There was a namaz break after 1 pm, and my friend and I went to the SFC canteen for girls. This place is better than the girl's common room because we experienced no rush in GCR.


way to SFC

We did some gossips, and my friend ate something. I was not feeling hungry at that moment. We offered Jummah prayers and ran towards the class. We laughed so much last because of the class activity. There was an activity going on in our class that was of verbal and nonverbal communication. A few boys took part and made us laugh.


I didn't understand anything in DLD class. I usually like studying DLD, but that time I got nothing. The teacher is going with the speed of light nowadays. It takes time to absorb the lecture. How can we get if she will teach us 3 to 4 topics in a single unit?




I took some snaps of nature because I love to do that. My classes ended at 3:20, and we decided to go maskan to eat something. We ordered faluda, chat, and golgappay. Yesterday we walked so much and because Maskan is so far and we went there by walk. I ordered Faluda and a chat. Here are some pictures.



I went home and watered the plants because I wasn't watering, and two plants died because of my laziness. That's why I have decided it doesn't matter how much busy and tired I am; I will water them daily. I went to my room then, and it was 6 pm almost. I did some steemit work, and then my cousin came, and I taught her. I am teaching my cousin, who is in the 9th class. I ate a roll that my parents brought for me. Then I tried to watch a movie, but unfortunately or fortunately, the server was not connected, and after struggling for half an hour stopped and started reading a book that thinks like a monk. Nowadays, it is my current read, and you must read it because it is so helpful. If you're a self-help book lover, then you will love it. Then I watched so many exciting videos about Rumi and a few documentaries. Then used FB and off to bed.

That's all from the day I spent.
Thank you for visiting my post.

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Wow very nice photography and your content very appreciative sister 😊❤️.

Thank you akmalshakir

You welcome.

Very nice diary post
Mam your day had been went very well and ur idea about class is 100% right 😂 these things go ahead


Thank you for reading

I really not understand why teachers are in hurry to cover the course if the student are not able to understand the lengthy lecture if the study means to teach us then why the teachers are running, i never understand this logic.
Nice diary 😊

Haina sameee

Thank you 😊

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I am selecting this post in top best picks😅Amazing diary and your style is just love thank you for sharing your day with us😊❤

Haha thank you ☺️

Mam kindly verify my achievement3. My post has not been verified for a month

Sister, you have made a very beautiful photo and the post is well written

Thank you aslam234

I want that faluda🙂 looks delicious 🤤


Hello mam!
Please give the label of delegation to me!
Thanks 😊

You got it 👍

Faluda looks 🤤🤤 now I craved for this , perfectly written diary post 💞👌

Thank youuu

Waoo nice clicks and yummy falooda