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As I said before in my diary I was reading about rumi and saw many videos on him and his life. Rumi has always been an enigma to me and in fact, has only recently become a favorite poet of mine. Although I have read many of his poems, and I came to love him because of his poems, I found that to really understand Rumi and the philosophy behind what he was saying, you needed to know his life story.

Many say that it is impossible to write an article about such a wonderful poet as Rumi - but I disagree. For those who wish to learn more about Rumi should read "The Essential Rumi" by Coleman Barks, which includes a biography of the poet. Even though it is in my reading books queue.

Rumi was born in Balkh (in modern day Afghanistan) and traveled throughout his life to different lands like Syria and Turkey after leaving his birthplace behind. Although he was known as an educated Islamic scholar and theologian, Rumi's philosophy was very different than what you would expect from a religious scholar.

Rumi believed that knowledge about God came through love and not through reasoning. This concept is sometimes called "Divine Madness" by scholars - the idea that only those who are truly mad for God will find it easier to understand their creator. The key to this philosophy is the idea that an individual must take their knowledge of God by heart, not through books or writing.

Rumi believed in celebrating life to the fullest, no matter who you were. Although he was a scholar and theologian, Rumi didn't like castles and pompousness such as one would expect from such people. He said:

"If you ever expect a saint to dance, the secret is that the fool is inside you."

He believed that it was okay to love God and express yourself through art. While many theologians have been regarded as serious scholars throughout history, Rumi believed that this wasn't important. He wrote:

Understand God with sugar and honey, not with vinegar and gall

Your strict study is only the outer shell of religion. For Rumi, it was important to have a developed personality rather than just knowing facts about God or being a devout scholar. He believed that one could know God through love and music, which is what he did in his writing. Rumi wrote:

If you would taste the heart and essence of God, do not speak at all.

For Rumi, it was more important to experience what love for God felt like than just knowing about it through words or reasoning about it using your mind. This type of philosophy is called "Sufism" and although many scholars have debated its true meaning throughout history, Rumi is one of the few who have been able to express the heart and soul of Sufism.


In conclusion, although there are many things you can learn from reading about Rumi, what I think makes him so special is his ability to make even those who barely know how to write feel like they too can understand God and what He is trying to teach us. Rumi was a man who understood that life didn't revolve around the outer world, but the inner one - which he showed all through his poetry.

Thank you for reading this article! I hope it has helped shed some light on the wonderful poet that is known today as Rumi.


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@vvarishayy well wirten....a good content article thanks for sharing this helpful information 👏😊

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Rumi is also one of my favorite poet. That's very informative post you have shared in detail😊

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Ma Sha Allah, well explained that now I'm getting attracted to read it.

Thank you for reading <3

This is such a great post you posted. I also have RUMI's novel "rumi's daughter".

Thank you for reading. I will read it too, IA. Rumi's biography is complex because it's very, very deep; even half of the context cant be understood.

Waoo! @vvarishayy Your way of writing 😳!
you know very well that how get atention of a reader. and this is not an odinary thing becuase i always thought that a writer can never be a writer unless he attracts the attention of the reader!.....your way of thinking is amazing and once Rumi said
Your real entity is your thinking

تمہاری اصل ہستی تمہاری سوچ ہے

your creation is great ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.


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As always you do your job well. And hopefully you will continue to do so in the future. May Allah bless you with health and success.
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Ameen thank you cryptokethor. May Allah give you success here and hereafter.

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@vvarishayy You have great writing skills.

Absolutely enjoyed reading ur take on this .i read the essential rumi and went on to read rumis daughter and how shams tabrizi played a pivotal role in his life .what fascinates me the most about rumi and that u also have mentioned is how religion was not confined to prayers and was beyond that .His quote out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field i will meet you there is a favourite.looking forward to reading more stuff from you .good job.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your reviews on it. Have you read the book 'me and rumi'? I can't comprehend more than half of the book sadly even though I read it twice, too much deep.

No i have not but u sayin its challenging makes me want to read it now.i am currently rereading a thousand splendis sons and want to read the sound of achilles

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For any sound mind, if he/she likes reading or writing must have known about Rumi, and the blessings in his writing is worth reading it. His excellence is so high but your writing explained and gathered most of his wonderful lessons through his verses/quotes.
A very nice article to read about Rumi. Thumbs up!

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