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There were 5 sentences, and sentence number 5 is compulsory. I will be talking about sentences 2,3 and 5, of course. I can write in all but the three sentences would be enough.

  1. A woman's place is in the kitchen.
  2. You will stay happier if you are unmarried.
  3. Punishment never has a good effect.
  4. Money is more important than love
  5. Votes are not guaranteed


Votes can not be guaranteed until you are buying them. Why? Because steemit is a decentralized network, and if you expect a single person to vote for you daily, you are centralizing it. Steemit is a decentralized network, and we all know that. A decentralized network is a network that divides the authorities among all. You can regularly make a post and start building your steem power to solve this. That's why we all emphasize you power up because steemcurator01 wants you to become self-sufficient, and then you can support the quality creators. This is a chain, and that's how we all are connected to it.

Steemcurator is not responsible for giving you a vote. Always remember that. There was a time when I was so peeved that why am I not getting votes and all before realizing the fact. The problem of our is we expect so much. Indeed it is good too but not all the time. Votes are never guaranteed, and they cant be. Steemit team are trying their best to widen the range of support, but still, because of the large number of people, it becomes difficult to cover all the steemians.



Let's take an example. A child has made some mistake, and you have given him a punishment. Then, whenever he tries to make the same mistake, he thinks of that punishment you gave him and stops doing it. Now consider a bit about why the child has stopped? Not because he knew he was doing wrong but because of the fear of punishment. Punishment always gives anxiety but instead if we tell him, why the act is wrong and why we should not do it. Sentence never has a good effect as it leaves the fear of rejection, discipline, and an obstinate personality.



The definition of happiness varies from person to person. But the fact is humans can't be happy all time. People nowadays run from the responsibilities, and in married life, you must be mature enough to handle the duties. And if you marry in a similar state, you will end up unhappy. So I am completing the sentence, you will stay happier if you are unmarried and an irresponsible person. So for all the dudes, don't marry. Live your life until you become responsible.

These are my opinion, and you can surely disagree and leave your constructive feedback in the comment section. Thank you for reading till the end.

20% of the payout to @pak-charity.

With Best regards,

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The sentences that you have completed in your own opinion , I strongly agree with your opinion.
Firstly , you said about Voting Vites are not gurranteed. I'm feeling exhausting after making a best post when reward is not given to me. Your post has clarified they we should be consistent and have patience. Because it's decentralized network. I have seen that many people are misusing the tags to get support. But it just a deceive. We should not misuse the tag. I wanna published a post in contest in which I'll mention misuse of tags.
I have a question ? As you know , I'm the member of Club5050. But still some steems are in my wallet because I don't know how to use binance. Is it possible that I may keep some steems in my wallet ?

  • In second sentence , you have coded a brilliant example. I strongly agree with your point.

  • Exactly , we should be mature enough. You have briiliantely said that we should not be merry till we become responsible. Although , we have no experience of married life. But we have a lot of experiences from others . All experiences clarify that we should be responsible enough then we marry.

Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing post with us. Good luck dear ♥️.

But still some steems are in my wallet because I don't know how to use binance. Is it possible that I may keep some steems in my wallet ?

The best way is to transfer your Steem simultaneously when you powerup. Otherwise it would disturb the balance.

Thank you so much for reading my post and leaving your valuable comment, I posted my thoughts and beliefs.

Hola amiga, muy cierto lo que dices de los curadores, es muy difícil cubrir a tantas personas, y con lo que hemos estado obteniendo debemos de invertir en nuestro Steem Power, así podremos ser autosuficientes en algún momento...

El maltrato a un niño es muy triste, crea en ellos traumas y miedos... Y no es lo correcto...

Y me gustó la manera en que complementas la frase, "serás mas feliz siendo soltero e irresponsable " jajajajaja... Excelente ... Saludos desde venezuela 🤗

Hahaha I know right, thank you for reading though. Have a great day 💓

Punishment is makes a person cruel and conservative. It has far more severe consequences. Likewise, unmarried people are found to be more happy than married people. They feel librated and happy.
I have also written about the said topic, You can have a look and share your views.

Yeah, thank you for reading the post. I'll review it surely.

Thank you so much!!

I can relate well to all your explanations and are satisfactory . Following line caught my attention .

So I am completing the sentence, you will stay happier if you are unmarried and an irresponsible person

I don't know your marital status but you have completed it perfectly. We can put it in other way as , you will stay happy after marriage only if you are responsible.


Haha yeah. I'm unmarried and shared my thoughts and what I believe.

Thank you so much for reading the post and leaving your valuable comment 😃

Thank you for your effort you put to make this post.

I understand you point you raised on the last statement of yours you defended, you will stay happier if you are unmarried. However, I don't agree with the statement... Staying single also comes with its problem. In fact, to me, it has more problems. There are times you need people to lean on and if you are alone, you will have no one to talk to, share your challenges with.

I agreed with your point of view. And I appreciate your effort. You have shared an awesome post with us. And I like your thought that relates to being still happier when you are unmarried. Best of luck with contest