Application For Country Representative Pakistan

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I would like to thank steemit team for giving us the chance to get opportunity to contribute our country at steemit as country representative. I'm here for applying for the same.

Meeting Criteria For CR

  • I have joined steemit on 21st January 2021 and from the day one I'm an active user

  • I have 20,900SP and my effective SP is 11230SP


  • My reputation is 72.461.
  • I born in pakistan and living a happy life in my native land Pakistan.

  • My mother tongue is Urdu that's Pakistan's national language so I'm fluent.

  • I always try to support other steemains I give vote to active post in SIZ and Steemfoods communities as I'm working as mod in these two. My voting CSI is 13.7


  • I'm in club100 and didn't take out a single Steem since 6months.

  • I worked in many Comunities from start (I had surgery last month so this month I did less)

  • I organized many contests from my account and all contest from @siz-official was organized by me. So I organized more than 50 contest.

  • For guidance I made many posts from my account as well as @siz-official.

Why me??

I'm an active member at steemit since beginning. I'm working as mod in two big communities and I'm leading a Curation team of arts theme in this month so I'm guiding and supporting many users. Many users from pakistan and from some other countries too contect me for guidance and resolving their issues. I'm doing work with dedication to promote Steem and guiding Newcomers and support them. I have organized more than 50 contest introduce new users to steemit. I caught more than 6 suspicious account and 1 account farmer ahsanbilal, last week caught two more. These all work are the duties of CR that I'm already doing for growth of steemit.

Steemit Team Please give this great opportunity to me so I can work officially for my country as CR, it will be a great honor for me.


These are some guidance post from me.
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You have always been a great help, Suboohi. You have always managed to entertain our queries even when you were going through a crucial (surgery) phase in your life. Whether it be on Steemit Pakistan or on SteemFoods, I have looked up to your for guidance. You will be a great CR if given a chance. Best of luck, dear :)

Thanks dear for your kind words and support

I wish you best of luck. You are a deserving candidate from your country and I'm sure you'll justice with the role of CR so my best wishes with you! May Allah bless us with success Ameen!

Thanks dear for your support

Hello dear friend, you are a great person and of course an excellent steemit user. You would do an excellent job as a RC. You have many skills and you are able to bring many new things to steemit. I hope they give you the opportunity, greetings and success.

Thanks dear for your support

You truly a deserving person for this because you have so potential to carry this and I'm not amazed by your work because your are hard worker👌 you support us in every difficulty and guid us as well you are my favorite steemit user for sure ❤️ best of luck may you will achieve this Inshallah ❤️ Hope for the best 🤞👍

Thanks dear, ❤️

Hi dear, you deserve the position of a CR for your country, I appreciate the efforts and hard work that you put into this platform and wish you all the best.

Thanks dear, ❤️

All the very best dear. I believe you deserve this position because of your experience and activities of this platform.

Thanks dear ❤️

Hi mam , you are very talented lady on Steemit. I'm sure , you definately deserve this position. You are also doing a excellence job on Steemit. Always supportive. You experience is witness that you are fit for this position.

Thanks dear for your support

Good luck with your application friend @suboohi. You are such a great worker of this platform.

Thanks dear for your support

Ma'am, you really deserve the position of a CR for our country, I really like and appreciate the efforts and hard work that you put on this platform and wish you all the best.
Hope for the Best💝

Best Regards 💞,

Thanks dear for your support

Hello sister!

I am so happy to see you applying for the post as you are such a kind hearted person and full fill all the responsibilities and help us in every possible way being the team leader. Best wishes from my side!

Thanks dear for your support

Yes mam no doubt you always take a hard for the growth of steemit platform and you already take the duties of a good CR like find suspicious accounts and you also guide me a lot of about steemit platform.

Your are the best personality grooming for our new country representative Pakistan. Best of luck dear mam i hope we soon we see you as a country representative of our country.

My all best wishes for you. Best of luck and stay safe and healthy.

Thanks dear for your support

My pleasure 🥰

I think you deserve this post and you will do great work as CR of Pakistan. You are very helpful and supportive. Best of luck

I wish you best of luck mam, you are most suitable person for this job.

a lot of dedication you have put into this platform, I believe you have the right to represent your country's representatives, good luck madam @suboohi 🙏🙏

Thanks dear for your support

U are welcome Madam 😉

You are indeed very kind and hardworking lady. Wish you all the best for this role.

Thanks dear

You are so talented and experienced lady at steemit ,you already done marvelous job as a mods in different community ,you are well deserve for this ,to represent as country representative of Pakistan.
Good luck for success Dera 👍👍

Thank you 💕💕

You are always shown best for steemit and motivated new users to move successfully in Steemit Platform. My best wishes for you too 💕

Thanks dear for your support

Your experience and dedication is extraordinary. I hope you will be selected as one of Pakistan's CR.

Thanks dear for your support

My dear @suboohi, you desserve this no doubt. I wish luck and success. I can personally attest to your responsibility and good will. You'll make a wonderful country representative.

you are a great person and give a lot of support to other users. I hope you are elected in the CR election in your country. May Allah bless us in success. Good luck

Thanks for your support

Another wonderful committed woman, you are/were a greeter right in the newcomer community, I remembered you verified one of my achievement posts, as I submitted I don't think it took you minute to find my post and graded it well, I can only hope you are chosen, although you have submitted a strong application I hope that is taken into account

Thanks dear for your support ❤️. I was helping greeter at that time and I did this job for more than 1month selflessly

I am not 😲 , you did your job well

Best of luck for you dear.. I know your contribution and hard work on steemit platform. Wish u all the best

Thanks dear for your support 💕

Wish you very good luck for this post

Thanks dear for your support

In the steemit platform you are a person who works with dedication. You are a great person and give great support to other users. wish you all the best.

Thanks dear for your support

Great work . I hope that you have the opportunity to win this application to so important, remarkable and useful job.

Thanks dear for your support

Your hard work and commitment towards the steemit is extraordinary. I wish you a good luck and pray that you will be selected.

Thanks dear for your support

Best of luck dear.

All the best mam.

Best of Luck Ma'am.

respected sister @suboohi bet of luck, you are great steemian sister , and one of the active ad hard worker
best of luck

Thanks dear for your support