Top 5 Club 5050 Posts of the Day! 18th November 2021!

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We appreciate all the members for writing daily for the community. We are glad that you are following the guidelines we provided in previous posts. Keep working hard and it will pay you off one day. Anyone who needs help regarding any issue, do drop in our discord channel.

Now we have decided to include only #club5050 posts in the Best picks so that we can utilize the #club5050 tag to the most.

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5 POSTS OF THE DAY 15th Nov 2021

@janemorane255.078 STEEM358.143 STEEM1 Month
@suboohi525 STEEM1,070.480 STEEM1 Month
@ayesha03450 STEEM10 STEEM1 Month
@sualeha259.000 STEEM 20.000 SBD505.490 STEEM2 Months
@ubaid0080 STEEM33 STEEM1 Month


Biryani (برياني) comes from Persia. It was brought to India by the Mughals, and then it ended up in Pakistan. People cook biryani with meat, chicken, fish, prawns, eggs... all kinds of stuff. But at the same time, they serve biryani on its own -- on plates which barely fit the mountainous piles of fragrant rice and meat!

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Greetings to all steemains!!!
Hope you all are good and enjoying your lives. Today was started with normal routine and I had not any plans. It would be passed like normal week days but suddenly my daughter made plans to take me out for lunch and for shopping at lucky one mall.

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I woke up at 6am i went to mosque and performed fajar's salah then i return back to home and used mobile. At 7:30 i took my sister to her college when i was returning back to home my fuel was finished i was late for college already i came at home 8:30 i took shower and prepared myself for college very early and took breakfast at 8:50 then i went to college at 9:05 something i attended two periods then me and my friends went to canteen and ate samosas and coldrink i captured in android samosas and coldrink pictures but accidentally i deleted pictures.

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Hello My steemit-pak family 😊
I hope all of you doing great with good health and peace .Today is very special day for me and my family as well on that day since 13 years back God gave me very precious gift in form of my first baby 💖💖.I had no words to described my emotions on that time .Me and my husband thanks for God who gifted us baby girl ,

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Hello Friends!
Today is the day for another movie review and this week I will be reviewing the newly released Netflix original movie and I will gonna be talking about the good and bad things about the movie as I do every week and I hope that you will give me some information Which you can use to decide what to watch next.

Congratulations to all authors in Top Picks


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Congratulations to @suboohi @sauleha @janemorane and @ubaid008
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