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Dear Members,

A Very Happy New Year to all. We wish you a great Steemy year ahead. With new year in effect, we are looking forward to bring some new initiatives. One of which is this daily contest.

The purpose of this contest is to give you all a place to interact and share your views by just leaving a comment.

As mentioned in the title, it's going to be a No Rule Contest.

Tell us about the most useless talent you have?

What you have to do?

Answer the above question in a meaningful way in the comments of this post. Just don't do spamming.

What will you get?

Each author who has made a meaningful comment will get 0.5 steem.

Duration or Deadline

It is a daily contest. Duration will be approximately 24 hours or till the new contest post is published.

Happy Commenting!!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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  • I can pick things up with my toes when I'm too lazy to bend down to pick them up 😂😂

You're all over it bro🤣
What a talent🤣🤣

Indeed 😂😂😂


I can watch Netflix for hours without getting irritated :D

I need to talk to you then😂

I don't have this talent fortunately or unfortunately :D

Maybe Fortunately :D

That moment when you don't have a Netflix account 💀

You can took mine bro :D

Haan woh tou ma na lay hi liya hai 😂😂

I pay for Netflix monthly :p still don't watch it :p I can't find if it is a lack of interest or lack of time :D

It happened to me at first but now i am an addict you can say :D

I can see ghosts in any broken things 😂😂

That's amazing😂
Let's try to find one in this? 💔😂

@steemit-pak ok let's go 😳😂

Haha I can see ghost in anything, all I want is the
shadowy environment 😆

@vvarishayy This is so scary 😅😂

True that 😂

You can also imagine a ghost outside your window 🤣😂

@mrsfurqan Ohhh I forgot that 🤣😂

😂 Don't worry your friends will not let you forget that😂

@mrsfurqan awww 😂 so nice of you 😍

I can sleep like a dead person sometimes😂😂
I can drink tea like surrrrr surrrrr😁

Same here.
High five🤍😂

Hahaha 🖐️

For the sleep 'like a dead person' we're same 😆

Hahahah and what about the tea🤣

Hahaha no I cant relate to that 🤣

I have the second one :D sometimes ammi scolds me ye kese pi rhi ho

Hahahaha My brother is very irritated by this habit and i love to irritate him more🤣😂

I'm so lazy sometimes but I know how to get things done without moving. 😂

Either I set up everything within my hands reach that I could need in my lazy hours or I just manipulate family or friends to do my work and don't move an inch. 😂

P. S. My kids have destroyed this talent though. They know how to keep me on my toes 24x7.

Wow that's great 😂

That's no way useless 🤣 It's a blessing ❤️😂

Hahaha. Let's put it better then..

I can sit at one place for hours without phone, without talking to anyone and without doing anything. Just because I don't want to function. 😬

😂😂😂😂 I'm choking from laughter😂😂

Wow that's 😂😂😂.
Topic of the question is interesting and the comments made everyone got laughter 😂😂😂😂.

hahaha! wow I didn't have this but nowadays I am in this mode only :p "No Function mode"

Well said its true

It's a talent to make things easy 😌

Nail biting, yes I know it's a bad habit and I'm working on it; but why am I supposed to open the drawer, take the nail cutter out, sit at a particular place, waste my time, only to cut my nails, when I can actually use my teeth to cut the nails no effort easy.

Epic 😂😂

Hahaha 😂 you really made me laugh. Well It's not useless for you in this case 😂

it for sure is not!

I am lefty but i can also write with my right hand

Wow well that's not useless but in a sense it is🤣🤣

No it's not useless. It's very important for the good brain functioning. You might be creative and intelligent because to increase the brain power experts recommend to do things from the both hands.

Well said

I can sleep for straight 24 hours.

Talent of the century ❤️🤣

Oh and I can also complete the whole season In just one night and the sleep in the morning!😌

Hahahaha we are in the same boat. 😂😂

We're on the same boat Rimsha 😂

High five @vvarishayy!💃

I think there is error in time calculaion 🤣

My useless talents are I thinks too much 😂. The other useless thing in me is to become angry 😡 on minor things. But my son and my husband declined my this talent. 😂😂😂


I can scroll Facebook for hours without getting bore😂

Hi five?🤣


I never get bored but it drains all my energy sadly :'(

Yup also alot of time get wasted 😒 but still its addictive for me specially when at night i try to sleep i just don't want to close it😐

Try to avoid it at night. Because there's no way going out.😐

Exactly 😬

so true And then when I realize how successfully I have wasted my time I am like " Kya yar kahan see khol li thi ye facebook :p"

phone kholo kisi kam se to us kam k elawa sb hojata :D

Same boat ❤️

I can answer of any notification on phone with one eye in the middle of night.

Uss moment 😂


I saw YouTube for 5 hours constantly. 😌

Interesting!!!!! I think i can watch many hours when get bored

Nice to meet you with same category ☺️

I once watched YouTube from 10am till 8pm😂😂

In my point of view, you are the legends :)


Hmm i have talent of dress designing and stitching, but i never used it on time, always prefer to buy ready to wear becoz of my lazziness

I can make sound like flute using my mouth

Wow interesting

I'm too lazy to take off my socks using my hands, so I use my feet instead.

Hahaha legend 🤣


Same pinch and I use my teeth to take off my gloves 😂

Hahahahah. Show me how you do it some day.

Haha I will demonstrate it for you😜

Wow 😂😂😂

yar! I also do the same 🤣🤣

Hahaha perfect 🤗

I can remain awake for days talking with my friends.I also have a good vocab but I can't use the words while talking.

I can spend a whole year without studying.

Whole life contenders here❤️
Ye dunya ye mehfil mere kam ki nh💔🤣

It's a wish 🥴

I can make a star and a few other letters with a rubber band 😂😂😂

We have so many talented people here MA XD

Haha xd

Wow! creative

Thanks XD

Hahahah we used to make a snake by rubber band in childhood 😂😂

Wow 😳😂 Well I just remembered I even used to make colourful bands with them 😂

I can play bubble shooter whole day with out getting bored ☺️

hahaha! and then there are some candy crush lovers too :p

Me too

I love study 😻 but my mobile love me very much
So its saying that ,,pyar usi sy kro jo ap sy kry ,,🤣🤣🤣
So my useless talent is that i can use Mobile 24/7 without getting board🤣🤣🤣

  • I can eat the Kentucky tower in one time.
  • I can sleep for 20 hours straight.
  • I can read so much but can't read the syllabus books.
  • I can sleep while sitting.
  • I can write so much on a topic Idk about if someone help me in starting a paragraph.
  • I can pretend that I'm getting the lecture.

Num 2 and 3 telents i also have i can easily sleep when open the sllyabs books🤣🤣🤣

High five 😂

Yes yes 😂

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Damnn... I love this contestt!!
I too know how to pretend like I'm attentive in class😂

Hahaha high five 😂😂

Hahahaha 😂😂😂. The comment section of this post made everyone laughter 😂. I really enjoyed a lot. Infact I was going to 😴 but after reading all comments I am feeling belly cramps due to laughter 😂.

Hahaha, that's good 😂
Good night <3

Pretending before teacher like we are attentive towards lecture i think this quality is God gifted to the students 😂😂

Looking at teacher with full attention but ain't listening to anything. I really want to change this talent 😂😂

Hahaha impossible

I have useless talent that I don't have to do any work and I just keep using my mobile and I sit down and eat food which I get myself🤣🤣🤣🤣

I have talent that i can immediately sleep after opening the books🤣🤣
I also have sleeped many times while listening song or something else and sleep deeply and Mobile is still open

  • I can make music with my feet when I'm bored😂
  • I can really act like I'm following up with lectures

The first one is very creative if it is music in actual 😂

More like drumming with my feet😂😂

I don't care if I don't take a shower in 2 weeks if possible. If the family members do not insult, then I don't take a shower😂😂😂

Hahahhah you won my heart 😂😂😂😂.

Ye chez meri aziz



Only Legends can do this. 😁😂

  • I love my phone ringtone, that's why i don't answer any calls , i like to watch my phone ringing .
  • I can annoy my siblings without any reason,anytime.

i can watch dramas on u tube without being bored

I can go outside when it was heavily raining without umbrella ☔


I have useless talent. I can copy the voice. As like Gram aanday, aanday gram aandy 😁😂🤣
Sokiyaan rotian to papad, patesa, lohay lay layn to patesa

This is my useless talent. 😁😂
I always make it when I'm with friends in market. 😂🤣😂




I can watch Netflix for a day and night with huge snacks.

I am so sensetive. I feel engry on so miner thing so my this useless habit irritate my family.And i also worry about it

I can train my cat how to sit and come.

I can made a poetry at any time in any topic.

Noo it's not useless XD it's creativity


@haidermehdi are you here?