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Dear Members,

A Very Happy New Year to all. We wish you a great Steemy year ahead. With new year in effect, we are looking forward to bring some new initiatives. One of which is this daily contest.

The purpose of this contest is to give you all a place to interact and share your views by just leaving a comment.

As mentioned in the title, it's going to be a No Rule Contest.

What are your proud moments on Steemit?

What you have to do?

Answer the above question in a meaningful way in the comments of this post. Just don't do spamming.

What will you get?

Each author who has made a meaningful comment will get 0.5 steem.

Duration or Deadline

It is a daily contest. Duration will be approximately 24 hours or till the new contest post is published.

Happy Commenting!!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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thanks ❤️


Thanks 😌


Thank you❤✨

Thank you

* The first upvote i get at that time when i was unaware of its value i only thought i have earned by myself something 😍and feel proud of myself.

I thought it won't make some cash for me and used steemit as a social media for 1 month after getting cash on my easypaisa was really the moment of joy and happiness.

Same i thought that im going to use steemit only a month I started as fun i enjoyed completing all achievements my husband allowed me so i could made myself busy in some activity to bring me out from anxiety and you are the person who approved my achievement 1 ❤️😊

That was literally a prime and proud moment the first upvote on my achievement 1 and at that time also I was not sure whether I'll get something or not :p

I was like🥲😱Oh My God 2$😂😂😂i was unaware that i had to convert them in SBD and steem😂😂


When i was new on steemit. I see up votes others post. When my first post up voted. That was probable moment.
That was very proud moment when i got my first cash out from steemit. Because, i feel proud that, i can do something. That was my first earning of the life. That was Proud moment.
I'm proud when i win contests.




That was not my first earning but I got scammed many time online. It gave me hope that we can earn online without getting scammed.

Oh! winning different contests gives some other kind of joy and happiness. I also feel proud whenever I see my name on the winner list.

Yes of course..

  • When my achievements were verified from one to six
  • When my work was appreciated by admins and moderators
  • When I get booming votes
  • At every moment I felt proud of myself

Yess you're doing great tbh. I see you working hard and with consistency.

@varishayy Thank you so much for the compliment ❤️

Appreciation means alot and you deserve it your consistency with this platform is visible and obvious.
Happy Steeming!

@aniqamashkoor Thank you very much In'Shaa'Allah I will try my best to continue working in this community and to make my work even better

When my achievements were verified and
When my work was appreciated by admins and moderators i am very happy to see this and
When I get booming votes
At every moment I felt proud of myself..
Because i started earning ❤❤

Why have you copied the comment of seapearl

Huh! Great Question as like before

What are your proud moments on Steemit?

I really like such type of questioning as I have said before.
So today it's really a great question again so here we go with this question.

There are so many moments on Steemit on which I was very proud some of them I am gonna mention.

  • when I posted my achievement 1 and it was successfully verified and good upvoted by after sometime which was also surprised for me because it was very first time that encourages me a lot as well as I was proud on it.
  • the 2nd one time when I very first time posted in Steemit Pakistan Community and my post was upvoted by Steemcurator01
    So now it's enough.

So thank you and stay blessed

I was happy too when I saw my first post got some $ and still didn't believe that I could cash out it.

Yes Mam Same here I was just new to mobilize those days and I after so much struggling got phone. It was very first time I earned something online and cash it out. That was so exciting moment u know. And one more interesting thing I just even don't know how to cash it out because I was not knowing about crypto whatevers then someone ask me to go a man I went to him send him my steem directly and he gave me a cash but now Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I am experienced about and people say me to do their works which also make me proud having help for someone's.

And Mam I am also seeing your posts to get more better experience as I have mentioned before I am a big fan of you.

Jazak Allah

The first big vote from SC01! It was a great moment. When I joined steemit back in starting of 2021, at that time SC01 used to give big votes, and whenever I saw other peoples posts I was like when will be my turn :p And then finally one day it was my turn happiest moment :)

Yes Mame same here 😋

What are your proud moments on Steemit?

I have get my first earning, Done savings and gave party to my Maika and In-laws. And achieved my more then target 1000 so in 2021. That's really feel me more confident to continue my hardworking on @steemit platform. Thanks @steemit-pak and everyone to guide and support me 🥰

Wow nicee good to hear that.

There comes many moments on this platform sometimes it give me happiness and sometimes give proudly
When i have posted my achievement post and it verify and then upvoted it was happiness moment for me


The proudly moment was when we all achievements are verified and then my work is appreciated by admins as well as when upvoted my post my steemcurator01 it was proudly moment for me
I love this platform ❤️

Good to hear your thoughts.

PS: Don't mention sc01 in your comments. It would not be appreciated by steemit team.

Ok thanks sis for guidelines

It was my start of online earning when i have joined steemit
Very moments comes that make me happy as well some time disoriented me but it was all due to my low interest
But i get guide and moreever my brother bring me on this platform
The proudly moment was when i received my 1st pay out i feel proud that i can do
Now Alhamdulillah i am getting better reward from steemit
Love to all members and admins and communities

It's not been long since I've joined steemit so it has to be the first time a post of mine got upvoted and I converted it to steem. It just felt great for some reason

I worked in some other website i also invest some money but that was a scam and i lost my money. Then i joined steemit i spent some time on it and get the upvotes i realized it was real it was a proud moment for me❤✨

  • Knowing about this site was great, I'm truly grateful to my friend who told me about this site. My first post and my first vote means alot to me as that was when my journey started. Im grateful to everyone who supported me 🙏✌️

I still pray for the one who introduced me here

Assalam o Alikum everyone☺️

What are your proud moments on Steemit?

Ans: My proud moment on steemit is when I got first booming vote,and then I try harder and started getting vote, and connect with so many kind people on steemit they started knowing me. Because before that I was just fade up to made post and not getting votes. So this is the proud moment for me. Love steemit now ❤️✌️
Regards: @kunwal 🦋

When i first time won in steemkids drawing contest by @strawberry.

This time i never forget

One of my proud moment on steemit is when i had reached to 1k sp and when i become a minnow. These are my two proud moments on steemit at which i felt very excited. <33

I was working on steemit and participated in different contests i never win, a day was pride for me when i win the contest and was at ist position, i felt really happy at that moment

i'm a newcomer in this community.don't have any moment still now😭😭

  • The first big vote that I received. It really motivated me.
  • When I reached 500 SP.
  • The verification of achievements.
  • When I won a STEEMIT PAKISTAN promotion contest.

May we all get to witness more proud moments. Best of luck to everyone. :)

Getting my first payout! "uff uff the thing is worth it" was the first thought! hahaha. :D

There are so many, but the first and one that I still remember when I got the first big 52$ vote from sc01, I just felt over the moon. Other than that, previously, i used to get engage with all the users by commenting onto their posts. And in between i took a break from steemit, but when i came back here, i got a welcoming and pleasing response, which really made me proud that atleast i had earned some love and prayers from the people whom i don't know personally nor they know me.
So thanks to steemit due to which i came to know about you people.

When I first started earning here and the people voted for me which made me feel very proud that I could do something❤❤❤❤❤❤

My first proud moment was when I got a first $24 vote on a STEM post that I managed to write in 3 days, back in 2018. I was elated because there was no guidance at all, no Pakistanis and no CRs. It was my first big payout after many zeros and I was still struggling to understand Steemit on my own.

Then it was the day when steemcurator01 followed me last year. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got the notification. It was definitely a smug moment. Lol

Sc01 followed me on eid day 1 last year. I cannot possibly explain the joy I felt at that moment. I went numb for a minute or two xD