Steemit Engagement Challenge || Share Your View About Your Country|| Three Reasons Why I Love My County And Three Changes I Want To See In My Country

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Greetings great people of Steemit Community! I bring us greetings in the name of the Lord. I want to sincerely appreciate this wonderful platform for giving us the opportunity to participate in this great contest.

Nigeria is my Country and am proud to be a Nigerian. We must know that every country is special and unique in diverse ways. My country may not possess what your country has, but that does not make my country less important. The uniqueness of every country is in it make up and structure, if every country would look inward and remove their eyes from other countries I believe they would see their true value.

Nigeria is a multiethnic country located in the Western part of Africa, it is a country known for its rich cultural heritage. Nigeria is also known as giant of Africa. It is the most populated African Country with over 200 million people.

Three reasons I love my Country

There are several things I love and cherish about my country but for the sake of this contest I would limit it to just three which are;

Nigeria Culture

Nigeria is a country that is blessed with diversities of culture. Different tribes in Nigeria have their different ways of doing things. For one to really enjoy the cultural heritage of the country then one needs to travel from place to place. For instance, different tribes have different greeting postures, if you go to the Western part of the country if a child want to greet an elder the child must genuflect as a sign of respect, there are other places where they just bow down as a sign of respect, there are places where they don't have any define posture per se. Nigerians are people properly groomed to respect their Elders, disrespect is one thing that is seriously frowned at in all the tribes in Nigeria.

Nigeria is equally blessed with diversities in Language as captured by this author;

Nigeria’s culture is made up of several ethnic groups that speak 527 different languages. The number of ethnic groups and dialects stand at more than 1,150. Some of the most prominent ethnic groups include the likes of the Fulani, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and Ijaw. Minority ethnic groups live throughout the nation although higher concentrations of these groups live in the northern and the middle regions of Nigeria.

Nigeria marriage is also another thing we need to talk about; in Nigeria, our marriage is classified into three and these three marriages must be carried out before one can be said to have married. The first is the traditional marriage,

images (9).jpeg

these marriage is conducted differently in different tribes. The way the Eastern part conduct their own and their requirements is not the same with the Northern part and other parts of the Country, it is different for different tribes.
After the traditional marriage comes the Court Marriage

images (10).jpeg

; then the religious Marriage.

images (12).jpeg

Nigeria dressing is another thing that is very beautiful to behold especially the traditional attire of the different tribes these things are the things that makes us unique.


images (6).jpeg

Nigeria Food

One thing I would assure anyone reading this article that is not from Nigeria is that hunger will not kill you in Nigeria. We are a people blessed with diversities of food, I mean delicious delicacies. If you come to the Eastern part of the country you would be served with pounded yam, fufu, Eba and Soups like Egusi, Okra, Bitterleaf and so on. If you find yourself in the Northern part of the country you would be served with diversities of food, same with the Western part and other parts.

images (7).jpeg

images (8).jpeg

Love for God

Nigerians are people that have serious love for their Maker, am not saying that there are no pagans or atheist here, surely they are, but they are people who are true worshippers of God in this land. This land is blessed with God generals that are rising in their numbers and are ensuring that men continue to love their Maker.

Three Changes I want to see in my Country

There are several Changes I would love to see in my country and for the sake of this contest I would limit it to three which are;

Stable Government

One of the many challenges we are facing as a country is the issue of instability in Government and I would love to see a serious transformation in our government

Uninterrupted Power Supply

The power supply in our country is not always steady in some regions, because there are some regions where power supply is constant. We really need transformation in our power supply.

Good Roads

Some of our roads needs serious attention, bad road turns few minutes journey into hours, so we really need transformation in our roads.


I believe I have been able to highlight few of the things I love about my country and the few changes I would love to see in my country.

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Married is another reason I love Nigeria I never want to miss any weeding invitation because they are funny and interesting and the weeding rice have a special test.

Hello friend actually as a Nigerian "Uninterrupted Power Supply" is what I would love Nigeria government to change because it is one of the sector that can boost her economy.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Thank you sir for going through this post

Yo creo que en Nigeria no pasaría hambre jajajaja. Tienen platos muy llamativos, valdría la pena probar sus comidas!

Es interesante y muy curioso , la buena educación en los niños y la manera en que saludan a los mayores, de verdad es algo muy bonito y ojalá nunca acabe ese respeto!!! Saludos y muchos éxitos en el concurso 🤗

Thank you for a beautiful story telling post.
Your photos did justice to your country Nigeria, colourful, friendly, heart warming, full of tradition and love.

As for your three changes. It seem that in general it is a problem for all of us with countries in Africa.
Poorly managed government, bad roads and power supply. I don't think it is ever going to change.

Most African Country has the same challenge

You have spoken well about Nigeria our country, the facts you said are all true about Nigeria because im already a witness. Esspecially the good food we eat, i love it when my mum cooks such food herself, i love Nigeria and im happy to be a citizen.
The fact is that;we pray for good governance, good road so as to make our journey really simpler and others. Nigeria seem to be getting tougher but we believe in change and God will help us too.

Thanks so much for going through my post

Everything you said about Nigeria is true sir,I love the fact you talk about our food, we Nigerians can cook sumptuous delicacies and also our cultural dressing is so unique and classic, God bless Nigeria.
We pray for Good leadership because this is the major problem of Nigeria.

Best of luck in this contest

In terms of culture and marriage I can see a whole lot of similarities to us.

Our biggest problem in Africa is about bad governance and we pray God hears us and answer our prayers.

Roads should be very first thing a government sees into because it brings development, and with bad road's, there will be high rate of accident.

Yours are even better because I really don't see roads in Cameroon that can be compared to yours

Most African Country has similar challenge

From your write up I can see a passionate countryman who wants the best for his country and I tell you we will have the Nigeria of our dream one day and all those 3 changes you desired will be a thing of the past.
Interrupted power supply has really caused a lot of damages for us and I think it's time we enjoy light not talk about bad roads and bad government.

Best wishes

Copper weee!!!!
I actually thought you guys wanted to represent Nigeria in supporting Ukraine against Russia 😀😀.

This country na cruise.
I really appreciate all you have said concerning Nigeria, one thing I love the most about Nigeria is the food.

Chai, I love Nigerians delicacy, it's a world class

I would appreciate it if you can live a review on my contest post

Thanks for going through my post

Your image is watermarked, I advise you remove it and find another that isn't watermarked. Watermarked photos aren't allowed on steemit.

The light issue in Nigeria is something that I cannot begin to phantom the origin of the problem. I'm like, how is it possible that a country supports or supplies another country with steady light and yet, they don't have it for themselves.

The story no too clear. Well, welcome to Nigeria. A lot of people use it as a joke but when you think about it, it's not actually fair. Government should please rise up and do something about it.

Please which of the images? Is it all? And I don't know how to identify watermarked image

Really good entry @prince4icon, I’m from Nigeria too so I can totally relate with all you wrote. May God help us eradicate corruption from our country.
Good luck in the contest!

Thank you very much

Hello dear @mariez, you have made a very wonderful publication about your country.

You've covered every aspect of the country in great detail. You have made some excellent proposals for improving the country.

I have also made my post about my country. Hope you will like to read my publication.

wish you good luck for the contest.

Thank you for taking your time to comment on my post.

Hey prince4icon, good to see you here participating in the contest.

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Thank you ma