Urgent Case - A woman needs help who is having bleeding during her pregnancy

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Asalmaoalaikum everyone! Please help us to arrange 15K PKR for a woman who is having bleeding during her pregnancy. She needs urgent medical help. Donate as much as you can. Thank you for your past donations. It's urgent!

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Q) How can we serve through @pak-charity?

  • By sending the Steem or SBD to the @pak-charity account.
  • If you want you can directly transfer in PKR too.
  • You can set beneficiaries to @pak-charity of your desired percentage.

Q) I don't know how to set beneficiary

How to set beneficiary to @pak-charityimage.png

Q) What if any steemit member needs money in an emergency?
The Steemit Pakistan is just like a family. We understand everyone's problems and financial matters. If anyone of you needs help you are more than welcome. Your privacy will be ensured too. Or if you know anyone who needs help you can always contact Admins and Moderators of Steemit Pakistan Community for concerned issues

Before donating please assure us whether you're giving for Zakat, Khairat, Sadqa, Charity, Gift, Fidya, or kafara Namaz or with our general-purpose to help people around

Both Fidya and Kaffara donations are meant to feed a person in need for each of the fasting days missed and are calculated as equivalent to the price of one meal each for two people, or two meals for one person.

May Allah make us among the righteous Ameen.

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