Application For Country Representative of Pakistan by @malikusman1

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My Steemit family, how are you all? I hope you are all well by the blessing of Allah Talah. Today I am here to apply for the post of Country Representative of Pakistan. Because the @steemitblog recently said in a post that they needs some Country Representatives.


Created By Me On Picsart


My name is Usman Mubarak and I am about 20 years old. I live in Basirpur, a small town in Okara district of Pakistan. I am a student and pursuing a degree in Software Engineering from University of Okara. The University is teaching for free because of my qualifications and I have been awarded a scholarship.


I joined Steemit in the month of May last year. But then, due to my sudden illness, I was inactive on Steemit for two or three months. Since then I have been regularly active on Steemit since the month of August last year. I have learned a lot from this platform and I have worked hard on it day and night and I have always strived for the betterment of this platform.


Below you can see the details of my own account in the picture below.


Screenshots taken from

Effective Powr4,318.12 SP ( 5,130.71 - 812.59 )
Vote Amount$ 0.03
RC Status7,834,064,239,642 RC
Followers105 (7 following)
Post Count365 posts (1,464 comments) and (1,408 replies)
Vote Count1,769 upvotes and (2,811 upvotes received)
Voting CSI16.4 ( 0.00 % self, 193 upvotes, 149 accounts, last 7d )

So, these are the details of my own account. All details are taken from here




Screenshots taken from

I have been a part of #club100 for 5 months now and I have powered up about 3408.214 Steem which is a great achievement for me. And I will continue to power up my steems in the future and this year my target is 15,000 SP and I hope I will achieve it. I have come on Steemit with long term veison and to become an Ocra is a big dream of mine and inshaAllah I will definitely fulfill it one day.


I've had a lot of achievements on steemit platform and I've worked hard at them. Below I will tell you about some of my achievements.

So this was some of my achievements that I achieved with my hard work and dedication on Steemit Platform.






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Good luck bro. I know you are a good Representative to your Country.

Thank you Juichi friend for supporting me. I hope for the best. Thanks one again for your kind words.

Greetings 🇵🇰

Hey, friend. You have been one of the consistent Steemians I've noticed recently. If that energy is channeled into the role of a country rep, it would bring about good development of Steem in your country. I wish you the best bro.

Thank you dear @fredquantum for your support.

best of luck usman

Thank you yousif sir for your comment.

I wish you luck on your application, I see your activities here on the platform, we engage a few times and I like your presentation
Kind regards

Thanks my friend for appriciating my work.

You are welcome

Wishing you a very good luck my brother for this application. I am sure that you will be one of selection among the CRs for this batch.

You are really a very hard working and ambitious user on this platform and your achievements are revealing this fact clearly.

Once again, a very Good Luck 🤞

Thank you @steemdoctor1

Saludos amigo @malikusman1.
En Pakistán necesitan personas comprometidas como ud, que llevarán adelante y representarán muy bien a los steemians de su país,

Se sabe de su trabajo y de su disciplina, así como de su justicia en las actividades.


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

Thank you dear friend for your supporting words for me.

Your Steemit journey and achievements are appreciating. You deserve to become Pakistan Representative. Good luck 🤞

Thank you my friend. InshAllah

I also applied. Hope for the good.

Saludos amigo @malikusman1, que bueno ver su aplicación como representante de Pakistán. Te deseo éxito.

Dios te guarde

Thank you very much dear sir for your kind words and support on my application.

Hola amigo, era un usuario que le gusta trabajar por la comunidad y por los usuarios, te deseo mucha suerte y éxito.

Igual me estoy postulando por mi país Venezuela.

Ojalá seamos elegidos.


Thank you friend for your support.

You are doing great on this platform brother. I think the role of a CR will suit you. I wish you all the best in this application

Thank you my dear friend. Best of luck to you also.

Best of luck usman 👍👍
Impressed with the dedication.

Thank you hassanabid for you support.

You are doing great work and I have seen you have potential to become a CR. Best wishes for you.

Thank you @ashkhan for your supporting words for me.

Best of luck malikusman. You know I had the same reputation when I became a CR.

Thank you vvarishayy mam for your support.

Glad to see you grow on this plaform and come this far. Good luck!

Thank you mam for your precious comment. wish you best of luck also.

Best of luck

Thank you mam...

I remember talking to you months ago, telling you, you have a lot of potential in you. This is just the beginning. Best of luck.

Thank you huzaifa bhai. Best of luck to you also....

Çok çalışkan bir insansınız. Umarım emeklerinizin karşılığını alırsınız. Başarılar dilerim 🙏

Thank you my friend @baycan for your support.

Mashallah brother it is good to see your post in this. Best of Luck.

Thank you brother.

Good to see your post. You are incredible person. Wish you good luck for this position.

Thank you aaliarubab for your support.