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Assalam o Alikum everyone

How are you all? Hope you doing well and enjoying your life with good health I'm also good Alhamdulillah ,here to take participate one of my favorites topic since my childhood I really enjoyed talking about paranormal stories and horror movies are my favorites too, first of all ,By the grace of Allah, no such incident happened to me either, but there were some small incidents were happened I will share with you.


I listen the horror show which is hosting by Pakistani RJ "Minhaj Ali Askari " on YouTube and Facebook by live stream but before YouTube he used to do this horror show in Radio and he was the first male rj who is done this ,I love that show the people called and share their stories and sometimes Thier stories give goosebumps,
So I would like to share one the Story I heard on his shoe and it was really sacry for me so let's start.

One day random caller called and said I want to share my friend's story ,the caller live in Pakistan and his friend live in abroad ,so he said one day my friend called me on Skype and we start talking (the caller knew the ruqiya which is used for exorcism in Pakistan ) while talking he feel that his friends act wierd and his voice Start changing and he suddenly asked who are you ? His friend Started laughing with spooky way and his facial expression also changed and he started Ruqiya which is a combination of different Dua ,his friend Started talking weird and said you cannot burn me and this is not going to happen with your Duas I'm a devil and these kind of Duas cannot burn me I'm the powerfull and your God is weak (Na Aouzubillah) he continues ruqiya and after 5 minutes his friend behave normal and said yar what are you doing and why I'm shivering ,he said just go and do wazzu and recite AYAT - UL -KURSI.


He refused to recite and he again starting ruqiya and he again laughing repeat his dialogue that you cannot burn me and your God is weak I'm the powerfull (Na Aouzu billah) the same situation repeat three times and he was recorded the call as well because he want to share in the show ,then his friend tell the whole incident that it's happening for three months and I just feel weird and feel weakness in my body he said don't worry I will treat you by ruqiya.

So the scary things is he shared the whole conversation on that show and "minhj" share it with audience by his permission and trust me it's was really sacry to hear all this nd it's not fake it's real story you can search on YouTube.

My scary incident before marriage

I have experience scary voice and it's called my name I used to go to coaching which is a very famous in my area shah commerce and I go there by walk and it's little bit far from my house but I prefer to go by walk so usually off timing was after Maghrib of my last class but that day class off early in between asar and Maghrib so I started walking and there is one big street which is exactly straight from my house so I was walking and it's was always empty, meaning there was no one in this street, just random car bikes used to pass by, but nothing else happened ,so I heard a clear voice of my name Kanwal and I was like ,🤨 what is happening I started walking again and again I heard the voice kanwal and it's so clear but it's very loud and unfortunately I turned back and there was no one and literally I was freezing and I run 100 ki speed 😂 😂

But scared impact me by fever , I had fever for two days and guess what same happened with my brother after one week of my incident because we used to go same coaching but his timing was different he used to go after Isha and came around 11:30 pm .

Please if you like to watch horror movies or any thing like this just do one thing after finish the horror movie watch any comedy show or listen songs you will not scared trust me because I love to watch horror movies series so I do this and it's works ,just a tip for you ✌️😇🙃


Hope you like my stories and feel free to ask or comment on my post , thank you so much for reading ,see you soon Inshallah ❤️

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Kind regards: @kunwal


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I like your scary incident and also like your tip after watching horner movie 😁😁
Good luck for success 🤞🤞

Thank you😅✌️

The skype incident is so scary. I salute the person who took the courage to treat his friend with ruqiya.

Yes it was really sacry to hear that voice 🥺on the show