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Dear @steemitblog,

I have been waiting for this moment for quite a while now. I still remember asking Steemcurator01 that if we'll have any vacant spots for the country representatives anytime soon. We finally have been presented with this oppurtunity in the latest announcement by @steemitblog:

Steemit Update [ June 14th, 2022 ] : Country Representatives

I am one of the most active Pakistani user here on Steemit and you can testify it by looking at my profile. As someone who has always kept its integrity on Steemit and has worked for Steemit as their own family, I believe I will be a perfect contestant to work with my fellow country Representatives. Apart from that no can question my loyalty and the dedication that I have shown to Steemit. Keeping all of these reasons in mind, I'll be applying for the role of Country Representative Pakistan. Lets take a look at the criteria presented by Steemitblog.

  • Made my account on Steemit on 4th April, 2021, that makes it more than a year that I have been active on Steemit.
  • Have 30,825 SP of my own. Pakistan's first 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x and now on my way to become the first 7x Dolphin.
  • Reputation of 73.216
  • A Pakistani Citizen who's very fluent in Urdu Language.
  • Voting CSI: 8.5 (0% self votes)
  • Curation SP: 1,757 Steem Power

One might ask how have I supported Steemit, let's say, in its bad times? Well I was one of the first Pakistani User on Steemit who joined #Club100 and advocated for it. It's been 9 months since the #clubs were initiated and I am still going strong. Apart from that, I have also been posting in #burnsteem25 which will help recover the Steem Ecosystem. Furthermore, I always used my SP to curate Quality content on Steemit.



My Work, Experience and Achievements on Steemit


I promise to work like this with dedication and integrity on Steemit in the future as well. If I get chosen as the Country Representative Pakistan, I'll continue to work with the same commitment.
Thank you.

  • Discord: Huzaifa Naveed#3023

cc: @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02

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You have a pretty beautiful, and contributing Steemit background, good luck 🌸

Thank you

Good luck sir !

Thank you

Good luck!

Thank you

I am very familiar with your identity as a steemit user, you have been active in the steem pakistan community, i saw how you made comment on numerous entries when your community was selected as one of the host of the steem engagement contest(SEC)

Thank you so much for your support

You are welcome

You are truly deserving i really hope get this.. best of luck ☺️

Thank you

Best of luck 🤞

Thank you

Good luck my friend

Thank you

Wishing you success in your application

Thank you

Good luck on your application brother.

Thank you brother

Good luck friend :)

Thank you mate

You have done commendable job and I expect you to be there in the list soon. Good luck .

Thank you for your appreciation.

Good luck, brother. You will surely be selected, Inshallah.

InshaAllah. JazaqAllahh for the appreciation

You are the right criteria and person for the Country Representative of Pakistan, good luck my brother

JazaqAllahh for the appreciation.

My pleasure brother

This is great moves Bro and i wish you Success on this Journey. Go for it.

Thank you

Good luck with the application!
I wish you all the success!

Thank you

You've worked a lot on the growth of the steemit platform brother @huzaifanaveed1.
Your consistency on the platform is amazing. I think you are very worthy to be crowned the representative of your country.

Good luck my friend

Thank you so much for your support.

Good luck dear. You are the one of hard worker in steemit platform.

Thank you dear

Good luck my friend, best wishes to you.

Thank youu

@huzaifanaveed1, I'm 100 percent support for you as country representative for Pakistan. My encounter with you was great, you are a great mentor and will definitely be the best person to motivate and mentor Pakistanians.

Thank you so much brother. Your words motivate me alot

good luck dear huzaifa naveed , i appreciate your work of hard ,

Thank you

Finally, the time you have been waiting for. I have seen you enquired about the application some time ago 😊. You have been an active user who is committed to creating quality content and you have contributed your quota to the growth of Steem in your region. I wish you the best on the application.

Thank you so much brother

Best of luck huzaifa 👍👍

Thank you ❤️❤️

Best of luck huzaifa

Thank you

Best of luck

Thank you

Best of luck huzaifa bhai. I hope you will be our next CR.

Thank you. InshaAllah, same for you as well

All the best Jani. May you shine more, aameen :)

JazaqAllah boss.

I wish you all the very best as I can see you're really very deserving candidate from Pakistan. 31k steem power wow bravo! May Allah bless us with success Ameen!

Commenting on behalf of @shohana1
Admin of #SteemShip

After reading your application all I want to say is best of luck with this opportunity bro.
You deserve it. 👍