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Hello everyone , this is Haidermehdi, currently serving as the Country Representative of Pakistan.

I was wondering as to when and how shall i announce these new clubs in the community! Thought to take out some time and try to announce these new clubs with their details.

Currently, we have been introduced with 3 Clubs.

Club5050 - 30 Days

Club 75 - 60 Days

Club100 - 90 Days

Here is how you can check your transfers of the last 30, 60 and 90 days to become a part of Club5050! It is a very simple UI and anyone can understand that in the first glance.

Tool to check your transfers

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Club5050 was the firstly announced club in which everyone was told to maintain their weekly transfers which are now shifted to Monthly Transfers.

  • Any user who transfers steem in the last 30 days, has to equally powerup equivalent steem. Like if my transfers in the previous month are 40 Steem, then i have to powerup 40 or more steem in the same days.

Let's have a look at some transactions of club5050 users.

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  • To achieve club75, we have to follow pretty simple rules.

  • Whenever you make a transaction, you have to power up thrice the amount of cash out. i.e. If you cash out 100 Steem, you have to powerup (100 * 3 = 300 Steem)

This is the two month record of our beloved @hassanabid, he has not yet reached club75 but is very close to that. He has powered up 1972 Steem and withdrawn 747 only in the last two months.

Where 1972/747 = 2.6 but it should be greater than or equal to 3 if @Hassanabid is to join club75!


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To join Club100, there is only and only one rule :p No withdraws!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • In this, we are looking forward to a time period of 90 days. i.e. your transfers should be 0 and everything shall be powered up only for the last 30 days. This is how you can achieve Club100!

For an instance, you can try having a look @steemit-pak's transfers and powerups in the last 90 days! There is steem only distributed to contest participants and delegation rewards. Rest, all steem is powered up. 10k+ Steem powered up!

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Country Representative PakistanHaidermehdi
Contact+92 3182140907

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