My Activity and Upvote Report || Voting with Steemcurator07 Account!

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Hey there everyone, Hope you all are great. I am quite sure everyone is happy :)

This is Haidermehdi, Country representative Pakistan. And i am back here after a long time. This time to present the curation report that i have done this week. Both, with my own account and with @Steemcurator07, and my other activities that i have been performing in this community.

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Responsibilities as an Admin and Country Representative

  • Listen to them and discuss their problems.
  • Give a positive response to their ideas and solve their issues.
  • Apply a pattern of responsibilities so that every one is happy.
  • Plan new events, keep looking for new ideas.
  • Checking #club5050 and club75 eligibility.
  • Making Best Picks.
  • Upvoting through Steemit-pak.
  • Guide Newcomers, solve their issues.
  • Make sure that they understand achievement tasks and inform them about vp, sp, delegation and all the clubs❤️

Curation with Own Account

I do my voting everyday to make sure that i don't get off the track, stay active as a CR and this month particularly i voted for #club5050 #club75 and #club100 posts. I did everything possible to support club5050 members. I even designed a post explaining all these clubs!

New Clubs Introduced || Club5050 - Club75 - Club100 || FAQs || Steemit Pakistan Offers!

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Curation with Steemcurator07 Account Today!

I did my best to vote for users that are club5050 eligible. And here are the voting records!


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Country Representative PakistanHaidermehdi
Contact+92 3182140907

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Another report of Mine regarding the work done in the last week Link to my work as a CR!!

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Yours, Haidermehdi.
Country Representative Pakistan.
Steem On!

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Nice working bro. You are very good admin because you manage every segment of community. I appreciate you alot.

You are great and very hard working on @steemit-pak🇵🇰 Community Sir.
Keep it up best then best Sir.🤗🇵🇰🤗
God bless you in every field in happy life.

Masha Allah Sir
You are really awesome man we can say you Superman 😄 becz you Are most hardworking and dedicated CR, Admin and every post u have.
I really appreciate sir haidermehdi becz you in reality deserve it
Thank you

Thankyou, idk how to respond but when i was a kid once, i always wanted to be a superman ❤️🤣




BTW you replied to the a wrong number I guess 😁

Haha yes😂😂 Train m hun islye hogya shyd xD

Hahah..koi masla nhi

Sir, you are working hard for this community. Nice to read your post

Thankyou bro 🤍

U welcom sir

You are really working hard for this Community,
May God bless you✨

Aameen Jazakillah khair 🤍

Good workout

Okay thanks :)

Always there to help out.. Thank you 😊

Try my best to be there 🤍

Great work sir...Allah apko sehat de

Aameen Jazakillah ❤️

Ma Sha Allah Dear Bro
You are working hard with our members 🤠.@haidermehdi

Ur doing an amazing job. i am truly grateful for all ur help and support.

Thanks a lot :)

Good working sir you are doing a great job on this wonderful platform.
And i really appreciate your struggle for our official steemit community of Pakistan.
My best wishes for you.

Regards, Faran Nabeel

I know that you are such a really hardworker person of this community . Keep it up .

We all work for the community :) Gracias🤍

You are really doing a very good and very hard work. I pray to Allah that you will always move forward and achieve victory step by step.
God bless you.

Regards! @ramzanbaow

As always you do everything, the best way. May Allah bless you with more success.
Regards @cryptokethor

Man your work is literally appreciable....
We see your hard work always May you success more in your life..

You are Absolutely great hardworker of this communinty


Definitely Welcome 🤗❤️

Sir you are working hard for Pakistan. So brave MashaAllah

You are doing well job. Keep growing with steem. Allah bless you.

Thank you sir for working this hard for the community.

Meri post k sath (active user) ka logo lga dian.plz??????????
Achievement. 1 link

You are doing great and I hope you will continue in the same way. My best wishes are with you.

You are doing great work and source of inspiration for me. Keep up the good work.

Great Work Sir, keep it up. :p
Will meet you soon ❤

#club5050 😀