How to write Good Comments || Avoid becoming a Spammer!

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Hello Peeps, Hope you all are in good health and doing wonders in your life. Here is to a few points to guide you as to how a good comment can be made. I can see users just wobbling over the posts and dropping comments such as Very nice post sister / Very nice post dear / Appreciative content / I like your post / Food is delicious and many more like this....

Okay it's okay you can write this too but this should only be written to compliment the diary in the ending words of your comment. Like you read the post, find some points on which you can engage with the users, then after a good comment you can write that it was great reading your diary or post and i appreciate this content bla bla...

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How to write a Good Comment?

  • Read the post thoroughly.
  • Go through the points where you can engage with the user.
  • Highlight the point using > this symbol.
  • Write a few words so that user can understand what you want to say.
  • Write a few engaging words. Make sure that the person is bound to reply.
  • Don't spam comments with copy pasting or similar comments everywhere.
  • Try to be grammatically as correct as possible. Don't repeat the same thing throughout the comment!

Some good Comments:




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I am sure you all would follow these simple guidelines and make your comments look worth it. It's not hard to make comments. We all read the post so it takes no extra time but just a little bit of attention! Just reading the title or reading a few lines and commenting doesn't make it look good. Follow these simple steps and then you can win the most engaging user rewards :)

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It is really a good point that you have noted and have told some tips to write good comments. It is obvious that some people are doing spam by writing same comments. But I think now they will understand the quality of the comments.

Your guidance for everyone very helpful bro. I appreciate you alot because your working for very appreciative.everytime you write good content. Everyone take guidance from your content. You are base of steemit-pak community.i want that you carry on your work for steemit. You are a very appreciative suitable admin of steemit-pak community.

Thank you very much for your cooperation but let me tell you that we have come this far with your support and your love and I hope you will continue to cooperate with us in this way. We totally agree with you. Thank you @haidermehdi

God bless you Sir In every field in happy Life.



Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

50 SP100 SP200 SP300 SP400 SP500 SP

Your Beloved: @arslanaj

Helo i am new in steemit plz support me @haidermehdi

That's beautiful, many people just sit and do one comment which they paste everyday😂
What a bad but funny practice. Thanks for these tips, it'll help many

O o ..even though I always try my best to not just leave a comment below but having a frank conversation. But ok koshish jaari rahay gi in Sha Allah😊

Mashallah Sir, this work of yours is going very well because you share it with everyone through collaboration and carry it with utmost enthusiasm which gives a demonstration to all to get a very good movement. Thank you so much for the courage and strength to understand and carry through so many good things.

Your Beloved... #HAMZJAMEEL

We will definitely follow your tips. Thanks much for guiding us :)

Yes sir sure we should all do good Comments and avoid to do Spam comments without reading and watching

Before I also used to do like In hurry but
Till when you have guided me in comments section and now by a latest easy way I am well understood
So by guidance I am also going well in posting and commenting as well by you so thank you very much for this guidance..
As we all know everything go well due to guidance and experience .
So thank you for giving us such a great experience * .*)


Thank you for such a detailed post. Now I'll make sure to follow all the guidelines that you've mentioned in your post.

Thank you so much sir haidermehdi for clear all the points of our minds.
Keep sharing your experience with us i am try to take more engaging with our community members.

Thanks for giving us such an important information and you are 100 percent right that we should read first and then comment down the part we like or the part from which we learn something. I will definitely comment on others post by first understanding the content..

This is a very timely information, even though i found it late, but trust me, it is very useful to me. Thank you very much for sharing sir @haidermehdi