Club5050 || The Diary Game || 18 Nov 2021 || Off to Bahawalpur!

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Hey Everyone, this is Haidermehdi. Currently serving as the Country representative of Pakistan. I am sure all of you are doing great in your life. I am very happy writing today's diary as it was the day i had been waiting for since four years. The last time i went to Bahawalpur for Yearly Gathering of Tanzeem e Islami was November-2016! It was a great experience but then i got enrolled in University and since then i couldn't get a chance to go to the Ijtima until 18th November 2021!

The news about the Ijtima came to my ears on 17th of November and i instantly applied for the ticket. We had to leave on Friday, 18 Nov for Bahawalpur. The train that we had booked is known as Night Coach - Shah Hussain!

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To begin with, I woke up a little late in the morning taking all the time in the world to have good sleep as i knew that the next two nights and mornings are going to be a bit tough as per my routine :p

As soon as i woke up, My breakfast was ready thus is started eating that. I took a picture of that because i was going to miss that for the next few days xD

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After the breakfast, i offered Zauhar prayers as it was almost about time to offer Namaz. I did ablution and got ready for it then offered it. After Namaz, i had to prepare my bag for the departure thus i started pressing my clothes at first. Went to the Mart and brought some necessary medicines for myself. Took out a jacket as it was going to be cold in Bahawalpur ( Atleast better than Karachi winters xD) :p

Then i got ready with my bag at 4:15 pm which was then time to offer Asar prayers! Our Van arrived at 5pm and then it was time to say good Bye to our house for atleast 3 days :)) I met my parents and grandmother. Took good wishes from them and apologized over my bad deeds if any. I met the kids and then it was time to finally say goodbye and move to the railway station!

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Our train had to arrive at 7:30 pm but we were there at 5:50pm as we had to offer Maghrib and Isha on time. But it got late and we were told that it would arrive at 8:30 pm.

First we offered Maghrib and Isha with a little gap. As it was 7:30 and we all started feeling hungry, so all of us opened our lunch boxes that were meant to be opened in the train and started doing our dinner prior to is adequate time xD Almost all of us had brought the same dishes xD THE QEEMA WITH PARATHAS. It's one of the most favorite dishes to be eaten during travel and all of us realized that on the station lol :p

Anyways, we were then told that our train was late by another hour and a half and this really disappointed us while sitting there!

I think i should now stop telling it word by word and tell the real story here xD We then decided to have tea.

This tea was possibly the best tea that i had since i left my home and came back to it xD There was not even a so called good tea available anywhere :p This was a real exam lol :D

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As soon as the train arrived, all of us picked our bags and rushed towards our box! We settled at a good place. The seats were comfortable par to my expectations xD I wasn't expecting anything better from Pakistan railways lol :p

Anyways, we were told to be thankful to Allah on whatever we get and Alhamdulillah we managed it with all our hearts and patience. The train started moving and so did the clock. It was hitting 11:58pm as we started moving from Karachi and with 11:59pm, here comes an end to my short but an adventurous diary game :p

I hope there were some interesting lines where you could enjoy my diary game. I tried my best to be as communicative as possible :p Jazakumullah u khair for reading :)

Don't forget me in your prayers :) Will be back with more diaries IA :)
Good Luck.
Enjoy the Clubs.
Steem On!

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Sir @haidermehdi you diary game is interesting .

Don't forget me in your prayers :)


Thankyou :)
I expected an interesting reply too😬😁

Lol xD

Masha Allah
Good to see your wonderful diary Post sir

Don't forget me in your prayers :)
And same here Sir
Allah bless you

Please make sure to write a relatable comment :p

OK sir 😊

Traveling by trains colud be better and intrusting when you had good partner 😊😊Traveling at Pakistan railways exaim of patience 😂😂 Iol

Hahaa yes i had good partners xD

But still they are Pakistan Railways ❤️😂

🤣🤣🤣 well said 👍👍
God blessed you

Jazakillah Aameen :)

Ma'Sha'Allah! Good diary game. Train travel is always interesting. I wish, I could travel by train soon 😌

I pray that your wish gets fulfilled soon :)

Wish you a great experience.

Aameen! Jazak'Allah Khairan Kaseera :)

Daewoo bus service is much better thn these trains.

To be very honest :-\

Traveling in train is always a good experience if only it doesn't get late😒.. Hope you had a great time.

Aww. Wao your travel in train. Basically I also want to travel in train but I have no chance of it. I want experience. I thought that its enjoyable but not sure. You traveled. Have you ever had a trip that was very memorable?

Your diary posts are very interesting @haidermehdi . Keep it up brother and support the new comers . And i'm also a new on steemit ☺️