Club5050 || The Diary Game || 11//11/2021 || An End to Pakistan's Journey in the T20 World-Cup!

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Hey Everyone, this is Haidermehdi. Currently serving as the Country representative of Pakistan. I am sure all of you are doing great in your life. I am here with a heavy heart today writing about the 11th of November, 2021. It has made be really sad that Pakistan is now out of the race to the cup after being such organized and wonderful.

Anyways, My day started beautifully and i went to the University early in the morning. It was a good ride to the University. At one stop, i felt i could capture a good view but above is all what i could capture :p I was feeling sleepy on my way, thus i stopped and took that picture :p

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

This is my Forever green university, Usman Institute of Technology which seems quite empty now as it is just 7:45 am in the morning. I reached there quite early as i was having a class at 8:30 and had to do some academics cores before the class. First i sat on the stairs and took this click meanwhile waiting for the academic administration to open the doors to their office. They arrived at 8:00 am and i went to their office asap. Got done with my mains in about 20 minutes and then headed towards the class.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

As the class began, i started feeling bored because it was the class of Cloud Computing and i could hardly find anything of my interest in there. I started feeling bored and kept checking the news about Malik and Rizwan. Both of these are great cricketers and were injured or you may say that they were suffering from flu. I got happy when i read that both of them were fit to play the match against Australia. After the class ended, i spread this news in my circle and talked to my friends. All of us were so excited to watch this match and we discussed a lot about the game. All of this chat and class ended at 10:30 am in the morning.

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It was a day full of activities but you may call it a slow moving day. Time didn't pass as it goes daily because there was excitement in the hearts of Many Pakistanis and especially in my heart. Did you see? I used especially where the e in the start emphasizes more on my excitement :D . Anyways, we were feeling hungry, me and my friend; thus we decided to explore a local restaurant and went there for Nashta (Breakfast). Yes it is almost time for Lunch so don't worry. We boys can eat as much as we want. There will be a lunch section too :p

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

As time passed and not with the regular speed, we started feeling more hungry thus we moved to another restaurant called the Moss n Clucks at Maskan charangi. There we found another friend of ours waiting to order. We found him alone and he was there for the takeaway, but we stopped him and gave him treat for finding us surprisingly :p

We sat with him, discussed about our class. Asked him about his studies and all that. Then we talked about the game of cricket. He predicted Pakistan to be the world champion and made us both happy. We also wanted it in our hearts but fear to lose :-(

Our food arrived just at the right time as we were out of topic for conversation. We had discussed almost everything :p The food arrived and it looked delicious as ever. Sorry we didn't have girls with us who could take amazing pictures :p This is all i could capture :p

You can see 3 Burgers with mayo garlic fries and chicken pieces dipped in sauces. We started eating and within no time, all the items disappeared. We then enjoyed cold drinks and left for home.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Reached home at 6, curiously waited for the match to start. Offered Asar and Maghrib and then it was the time. Pakistan had lost the toss. Australia decided to bowl first. It was an extremely intelligent decision and i could sense that something bad is coming our way. But you don't know the Pakistani team. I don't know why they do this but they had set such a Good total. 176 on the board and it was a big ask.

Australia could hardly chase that till the 15th over but then......... Ohh please don't ask me what happened. A very capable bowler, a very capable fielder, the energey house, the power house of Pakistan Cricket team.... Oufhfffff...... It was completely unbelivable. he leaked runs throughout the tournament.

He leaked runs at the Semi Finals and then came a dropped catch. The drop of the year. unbelievable. I don't know why but it happens. Rahat Ali dropped Watson and we lost. Hassan Ali dropped Wade and we lost..... But not to forget, he has won us matches :) He is still a Star performer!

Sorry but i didn't want to go deep into the stats. Everyone watched the game and i just couldn't hold my tears for what i had seen :p I am still sad but here to write the Diary :)

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

Pakistan is out of the World Cup after a complete domination in the Group Stages. Lost only one game and was left out of the race but with Immense respect & sheer Appreciation. Well done Team Pakistan💚

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source- babar azam twitter
We all were really sad after the match but then comes the speech from our captain Babar Azam and that post match conference. It was so calming. Also our hearts, we are so pure to our team that even if we lose, we don't find them bad because of their performance in this world cup. Yes individual errors can make you lose but it is the same individual brilliance that wins you matches.

So no offense, we lost in the race but we went to the Semi finals unbeaten and we did for the first time in Pakistan's world cup history :) I am so proud of My Boys and my team! Hard luck guys but you played Tremendous Cricket :)

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

After watching the conference, i went out to chill with my cousin with my new hairstyle lol xD I know i look completely changed with this hairstyle but this is all what i got right now :p We had cold-drinks there and ate cheese paratha. Then i came back home, scrolled facebook. Dived into my steemit account. Checked my club5050 eligibility and made an announcement post :)

Club5050 Announcement

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

After that, i just wanted to sleep and get myself over a lot of things but this was a difficult task to do. So i started drawing :p I never knew if i was ever so slightly be able to draw anything but to a certain, i think i did well with the two drawings below :p

A glove with Florina Gogoi sign

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

It took me a lot of time to draw these little freaks :p I was happy with them and then i could sleep peacefully :p Hope you all too had a good night :)

Enjoy the clubs :)
Yours, @Haidermehdi!
Steem On!

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Feeling sad for this loss. But we proud of you Pakistani team. As we all say Tum Jeeto ya Haaro hmy tumsy piyaar hy❤.
Excellent #diary

Hahaha yes this song🤍😂

Thankyou :))

Nice diary...


Sir your diary game today was very good and early in the morning you started the day in a good way and with the good way of the day today pakistan has lost and pakistan which is out of the race of T20 world cup you absolutely Well done and your post is admirable and you spent your busiest day at the university there and your post is great. You are doing great work and supporting people well. All the friends working in the community. Very happy because you are an honest person

I am unable to understand what you're saying 😓😅
So many mixed thing's but thankyou for all the praise😅💚

I'm feeling sad but I am happy too because every player of Pakistan played well.
Inshallah we will win the next World Cup.

Yes exactly, In shaa Allah. It's not far away👀💚

I was literally shocked with the end result. Like the match was in our hands, it was the last couple of overs and everything was in vain! Still I’m happy that our team has proved to be the best among all the teams. The best captain. The best opening partnership. The best bowling spells. So, all eyes on WC 2022! :D
Also, I wanted to write about that match too but couldn’t find that courage😂 so much appreciated post!👏🏻

Yes it was in our hands until it slipped on mid-wicket :p But we can't blame one person :p It's all good. Winning and losing is part of game

We should be proud of the way our boys played. I was angry too, but i realized we shouldn't be doing this :p They play their hearts out in the field and being a cricketer myself i could relate :)

Thankyou :p

Ikr, apart from whole tournament even the only match that they weren’t able to win, gave us tons of good moments! 😍 So, it was all worth it!

Bad luck Pakistan cricket 🏏 team.
But win and lose is part of game.

Exactly, wehavewewill💚

Indeed. We played good cricket 💚

Hard luck with Pakistani team but overall its a great worlcup campaign... Pakistan won 5 out of 6 games...its quite good

Beautiful #Diary

Such a great and lovely enjoyable your Diary Day Sir.
Keep it up Sir.
God bless you in every field in happy life.
My Best wishes for you.

Regards! @arslanaj

#club5050 😀

I feel sad for our team I'm not interested much in cricket matches but this i get updated by my mother and feel happy to know that they win all matches and play against Australia, still they not qualify?😳 Not fair.
i am reading your diary while eating halwa pori😂

Yeah still We love our cricket team. And will always support our cricket team players. All team performed well in complete tournament. INSHA ALLAH we will grow again and will win.

And I also love florina gogoi. She is really so cute and I was happy when she won the final.