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With so much joy in my heart I compose this post which is part of the steemit engagement challenge which is to highlight properly the things I love about my country and the things I would love to change about them, yes my country is Nigeria and below I will be talking about the 3 notable things that I mostly love about my country Nigeria followed by the 3 things I would be looking to change if given the chance.



Three Things I Love About My Country

1). My country is multilingual and diverse

One thing i do love about my country is the fact that it's a multilingual country with different and diverse cultures which illuminates the country and lights up the place, a country where over 500 languages are spoken and we have more than a thousand ethnic groups.




We know that culture is seemingly a people's way of life and with respect to my country Nigeria, my country with the our different cultures and ethnic group we get to experience different aspect of life as many people who have different views and cultural background come together to work and hence impact and contribute to the general growth of the country with their diverse ideas and approach to life.




Each culture is unique and beautiful and this is what we get to see and enjoy with the major ethic group know as the Hausa, Yoruba and Igbos with other notable minor ethnic groups who still constitute a big part of our country, we also have different religions as each is supposed to worship freely according to their cultures and beliefs some are muslims, christians and some practice african religion tradition so in all the fact my country is diverse both in culture and language and religion is one i do love about them

2). We Are Resilient As A People

Another reason why i love my country Nigeria is due to the fact that we are a very resilient and hardworking people, a people who do not give who is ready to fight through all the hardship and survive despite the obvious lack of employment but her people are ready to do any sort of hardwork to survive no matter how petty, yes we are strong build its able to endure and survive even in the harshest of condition.

Well we are a very large population and people who doesn't really know may feel that we boost the largest economy in Africa true but the fact still remains for those of us in the country we know there is a high level of unemployment is almost as if the government is doing very little to this cause but yet her youth strives to work hard in any area possible.


some learn trading or even hawk to get something to eat and the interesting part is they do this happily and are still happy in what they do, is as if every attempt to put us down we do not just survive but most often than not we thrive even in the worst condition possible, indeed i believe God is with our country and its people and we never leave us to suffer permanently.

3). We have A good sense of humour

One very good thing i so much love about our country is this, despite the hardship we don't allow that to take away our joy from us as we still know how to crack joke and have fun and even sometimes when something is meant to put us down we rather make fun of it and still move on, we normally have a popular saying that goes this way "Everything na cruise" and "Na who give up fuckup" which is to say that no matter what happens we won't give up and will always keep fighting hoping for the better and even when every is seemingly looking like there is no way through we kind of still hope and we even make fun of it.

So my country Nigeria is one that has a sense of humour which is vital because laughter they say is is medicinal, so when it comes to that aspect i feel we are number one as we have a habit of making jest of what you think we make us sad, is almost as if we are used to it and believe there will always be a way and the fact we crack joke and laugh doesn't mean we aren't serious not at all as we will still work and work like there is no tomorrow, so in general i really adore and love my country sense of humour is one of the things that keeps us going.


3 Things I Would Like To Change In My Country

1). Bad Roads

The extent of bad roads in the country is just too much indeed and that's one thing I wish I could change in my country, because of the bad roads it has led to damage of vehicles making a 1 hour trip turn to 6hours or more and making even the cost of transportation higher in the country which also affects the cost of goods and services, because if the costs of transporting of goods is high then the goods themselves will also be high, all this affects especially the poor masses in the country.




taken by me

Taken by me

taken by me

taken by me

So as the pics shows you can clearly see the roads in my country is nothing to write home about, it is that bad so this bad road issues which has left many drivers in the road sometimes all through the night and has even lead to accident and loss of lives and goods is something I wish I would change in My country, surely that's not too difficult to understand why.

2). High Rate Of Joblessness

Another thing i wish i could change in my country is the rate of unemployment, it is at an alarming rate, after school youths are left without work roaming the street joblessly which has led many young ones to engage in debauchery means to earn a living since the government seems to care very little about her subject, if only there was employment opportunities one will literally spent years studying and after obtaining good grades and found to be worthy in learning and character will leave school to remain jobless for life it now begs the question, what use then is the schooling for?

I guess for the knowledge because schooling here with the hope of getting a decent job after school that's a thing deemed almost impossible making so many youths wanting to leave for over seas for greener pastures making the country lose some of her brightest minds as they would rather contribute to the development of other countries than here so don't really have much to deliberate on this apart from the fact I sincerely wish after school someone who has worked hard to have good grades can atleast get a decent job which will help reduce crimes in the country because lack of job leads to increased in crime rate which has become a norm in the country.

3). Government Lack Of Concern For The Education Sector Of the Country

This is another area that needs serious concern infact as I write this post now the countries teaching staff has been on strike since February of this year and the funny thing is that the government seems to care very little about this matter, well it is not surprising as all their kids are schooling abroad i mean who gives a f**k what happens to other kids who simply want to complete their education in peace and move on with their life.

The government Lack of concern about the education sector is shocking indeed and has failed to meet even one demand of ASUU(Academic staff Union of universities) and this has indeed caused the union to embark on strike which report saying that this agreement was reached since 2009 and yet the government has not been able to honour the agreement, they are asking for revitalisation funds for the university and the allowance and for a better payment system that is more transparent as they claimed the system they are being paid with is hindering some to get their payment.

Now this is all legitimate concerns, things that should be done for the country's education system to flourish because a happy teacher means the student will be properly taught but the FG has shown no concern or care at all to any of their complaints and this is affecting one people majorly, the youths who are in school hoping to obtain a degree but the government and asuu has vowed not to allowed them do that in peace, this strike is coming after the 2020 strike action too that lasted for 11 months which means some are supposed to have graduated from school but because if this incessant strike it's not happening.

So I really hope sincerely as am one of those affected by this strike that the government could just come to the aid of the students and payoff Asuu's demand so we can return to school this is no longer funny being at home while those in private universities are still going to school, is almost as if we have been abandoned to ourselves but then we could only hope for betterment from here on out.


So in all I love my country Nigeria, I know no other place but here it is our country only hope things are better and our government help or do things to ease the stress and suffering of those of us in the lower class.

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Nigeria my country is indeed a great nation
But although we have a lot of areas we are lacking in just as your article said..but we still remain the giants of Africa and i know my country will be good again i love my country nigeria

😀 well my friend @jonnchima we could only hope for a better country while we do it's good we also stay realistic

Indeed, our country Nigeria is a nice country.

In addition to what you have mentioned, another reason I love Nigeria is that, Nigerians are full of vibe.

We might be going through lots of difficulties, but if we don't relate it to you, you will never discover it.

And aside the bad road of Nigeria, what I would love to change is it's technological system.

Nigeria is behind when it comes to technological advancement, and I feel that something can be done about it.

In overall, this is a very nice post, keep up the good work.
keep steeming hot 🔥🔥🔥

Yes indeed when it comes to technological advancements we are behind but I could only give 3 reasons as they are much things I would want to change, and you are very correct as one notable thing about us is that we know how to overlook the negative aspect and focus on the good a very jovial people who has good vibes despite the hardship

I love my country, Nigeria!!!

I also agree with a lot of things you said here. There are a lot of changes i would like to see in my country as well

Yea we could only hope and work harder ourselves in whatever we are doing because no one cares really about our son story the truth of the matter is, what are we willing to do about it? To keep working harder.

Guao, que bello post
Sabes que me identifico con tu gentilicio...
Porque como latinoamericana sabemos ser resilientes a los asuntos que afrontamos, igual mantenemos el buen humor para que la vida sea más llevadera

Que mal que está la vialidad, y eso obstaculiza todo el tema de traslado, comercialización y en efecto hace falta impulsar un buen arreglo de sus calles

Otro tema, que mencionaste, es lo de invertir en el sector productivo que sin duda les proveería a ustedes mayores fuentes de empleo tan necesarios para que se reactive la economía del país.

Un gusto enorme leerte
Mí abrazo desde Argentina
Que viva Nigeria💙
Éxitos en el Challenge

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Ofcourse dear thanks for your kind words sure we will succeed only hope the government could help matter a bit especially in the issue of bad road and education but is alright i believe all is well that ends well let's just hope for a better ending 🙂

Long Live Argentina ❤️

As explicitly stated in your post, Nigerians are faced by bad roads which has caused many accidents and take alot of lives!

I can also relate to everything you love about our country Nigeria! Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks alot for engaging with my post


Nigeria a great nation indeed but we the people determines the state of the country by voting the right set of persons into seat.

Yes we are a great country should be atleast if our resources are being well utilised for the good of the country and her people by the leaders

As a fellow Nigerian, i can relate to everything you've said here and everything in your post is nothing but the truth.

So I really hope sincerely as am one of those affected by this strike that the government could just come to the aid of the students and payoff Asuu's demand so we can return to school this is no longer funny being at home while those in private universities are still going to school, is almost as if we have been abandoned to ourselves but then we could only hope for betterment from here on out.

I am a victim of the ASUU strike and i am also hopeful the strike would be called off soon. Thank you for sharing this post with us, steem on!

Thanks for taking the time to visite my post @steemtopus we hope things get better to that end i think is as you say, to steem on😀

Omo you get am pass my gee. The bad roads are something I experience every single time I travel. Once it's an interstate travel, there is bound to be destroyed clay we call road. Attimes I wonder what destroys roads aside erosion because the state of our roads are so horrible that I believe it would be better to drive on clouds.

Based on the educational indifference aspect. I think the government are intentionally keeping we the youths at home so they could use the vulnerable jobless lot of us for ballot stuffing, vote buying and electoral violence. Well this is a really good post you have written. I wish you goodluck. Steem on fam

Thanks alot @swaylee for taking the time to visit my post I really do appreciate I just hope the government could save the education system of the country


Nigeria is a great nation but our leaders are ruining this country and sadly it is the ordinary citizens that bears the brunt of it all.

Wow.....this is greatly rich and detailed even an outsider can relate with this quality content. The issues in Nigeria is just lack of concern for the needs of the citizens by the Government.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks alot I really appreciate the fact you think my post are quality contents, that is my goal on Steemit

Of course it's a quality content. You are very much welcome and keep up with the good work.

I will

Hello dear @favrite, you have made a very wonderful publication about your country.

Education is very important for a nation. You should improve in this sector. I really like your country's tradition.

I have also made my post about my country. Hope you will like to read my publication.

wish you good luck for the contest.

Thanks alot for visiting my post, appreciated will be sure to visit yours