The Diary Game || by @fabiha || 2 - Sep- 2022 || 🇵🇰 VS 🇭🇰

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السلام علیکم

This is me Fabiha . I am fine and hopefully you all are also fine and happy in your respective lives. I am again here with my today diary game.

Let me Start 💥


Morning Time

So, I woke up at 10:30PM , after brushing and washed face. I made breakfast and had it. Then i wakes up my brother for picking my younger brother from school. As today was Friday so his school leave timing is 11:00AM. Then I cleaned the room and took mobile and checked msgs.


Then I took bath and got ready to perform zuhr prayer. My father and brother went to the masjid to perform Friday sermon. Then I recited Surah kahaf. And then had lunch. After had lunch I opened laptop but it's too hang 🙄


Anyways I shut it down and slept for some time.

Evening Time

My mother woke me up at 5:15PM , my coaching time is 5:30--7:30 on Friday , so after waking up I performed Asr Prayer. And went to coaching. I took class and then leave.



After coming back at home , the match was already begun
PAK 🇵🇰 VS Hongkong🇭🇰

InshaAllah Pakistan will win.


So I am also seeing the match and also writing a diary.

So it's all about today. Enjoy💜 Match

Cc ,



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