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Good day ladies and gentlemen and a warm greeting from this part of the world known as Nigeria. It is pleasure to here and taking part in this contest just make come alive especially with the title. Talents I wish I could have but I don't have them at my locker room.

Playing at the biggest stage

I had also had a passion for football and my dreams were to play at the highest stage but that dream just disappeared into the thin air till today, I have always worked on myself to improve though I know I can not achieve such talents like the one of Cristiano Ronaldo but thank God for steemit that has brought football to us to call fun and play to keep it, without fitness, especially with a lock of the vote, you may fall sick.


To Interpret Dreams.

This is one of the talents I wish I had. Most times we sleep at night, we dream dreams and we are awake, we intend to forget but one thing we are reassured of is that victory is secured for us. Joseph in the Bible had this talent and his talent made him sit on the seat of the throne. Still working on how to understand dreams better and hopefully, this talent will be mine.

Wisdom to Rule

Everybody on earth is endowed with wisdom. Solomon was special and that is he was made the wisest king on earth. I wish I can be as wise as that. As a leader, you need to be wise in terms of discharging duties and passing out judgment. The temptation will come but the wisdom to discrete between good and evil is what matters. I wish I had this kind of wisdom to work out things in my life but withstanding, the giver of all goods is still alive.

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Good day bro. You have explained efficiently

Thank you also bro for reading through.

All of this your talent you will have, work hard. Please I will tell my dream for interpretation thanks.

Hahahaha, i will tell you what the dream entails once i am endowed with that talent, thank you and please do well to invite for contest

Ok you made me laugh ooo

Interesting wishes.. May you achieve this wisdom someday.

Thankyou for participating.

Thank you dear.