Last Weekend At Home 🏠

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Hello Everyone! How are things? Hope everyone is safe and sound. Today, I'm going to tell you about how was my last weekend. It's been almost a month since I last went home. I was busy because of my academic research. So last Friday evening, I went home after a long time. Oh, that's what I needed! 💖

The very first person who came to welcome me with an innocent smile is my Leo. I knew he would be so happy to see me. Leo was jumping for joy and wagging his tail, endlessly. He just wanted to be pampered like that for a long time. His gesture are so lovely. I missed this cute little fella so much. 🐶


The next day morning, I went to the salon because I wanted to get my hair trimmed. I had medium-length hair. Now it is short. After school age, this is the first time I'm having short hair. I don't know if it suits me or not but it is very comfortable. It is like WW II when I comb my hair every morning. 😄 I think my look has changed a bit with short hair.


After all these things, my other favourite thing is watching movies with my boyfriend. He watches Hindi or Tamil movies very rarely. But I am on other side of it. I always love to watch anything and if there is a story of my type, it will become a good movie for me. But not for him. He is so picky. 😒 Since every time we watch his favourite movies but this time he was promised to watch a movie that I suggest.

My suggestion was a 777 Charlie (2022) movie. Did you guys watch this? I don't think that anyone who loves dogs can watch this movie. I could not even write an article about it because it affected me so much. I can't even find the words to it. But somehow I will write about it. I was like crying every minute, especially in the second hour. I couldn't stop my tears. In the last scene, I was sobbing! Praveen said that there will be a sad ending but I didn't want to accept that. You should have seen how he watched Charlie with a stone heart. 😒

This is how was my weekend. I didn't write every thing about it. But you know HOME is a feeling. It was so beautiful. 🥀

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yeah, home is a feeling🥰

You should have seen how he watched Charlie with a stone heart. 😒

Boys' typical stone-hearted nature😥


Did you guys watch this

Actually I was hoping to watch it. But I heard one of my room mates crying after watching it.( She rarely cries) So I postponed watching it. I can't be sad.

Home is the best feeling on this earth.

Yeah, I cried even after watching the movie🤧

Did you guys watch this?

Even though many of friends suggest me to join them, I didn't. I knew the plot of it, so i was pretty sure that I won't be able to bear it.

Yeah, it was so hard to stop tears 😭