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I heard that animals also have feelings and emotions. Yeah, it's true! They have a better understanding than humans. Humans are very opportunistic and I have experienced that. Even our closest ones also same. They have pure intentions towards us very rarely. But animals are not like that. Take a domestic animal as an example. If we feed a dog one time, he remembers it in his whole life. That's how animals do. It doesn't matter if we love them or not, but they are always there for us with wagging tails and shining eyes. 🐶 Let's move to the topic. But I have no idea what should I write. 🤧


In my previous article, I said that me and my boyfriend watched Charlie together. I postponed writing something about this movie because my heart was broken after watching this. It's very hard to watch this for a person who loves dogs. I guessed that there will be a sad ending. My boyfriend also said that. But my heart didn't want to accept that.

The movie was released in June 2022 in several languages such as Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. It was directed by Kiranraj K. The main roles are played by Rakshit Shetty (as Dharma) and the very cute little buddy Charlie. It is the soul of the movie.

Charlie and Dharma's meeting was a coincidence. It was not planned. Dharma is a single man and there is no one in his family. He spends a messy life alone. Everyone in his colony, hates him and children are afraid of him. Dharma is a short-tempered person. So no one likes to speak with him. That's how his nature. But after meeting Charlie, Dharma's whole life is changed and on the other hand Charlie's life also changed because of Dharma.


I am not going to tell you the whole story. It's better to watch it yourself because it's that much emotion. During these two and half hours, my eyes were filled with tears. I must say Charlie is so much cute and well played his role. He was well trained for it. This movie brings you joy but for a few minutes.

What I have to say is, love your pet. We can have so many people in our lives. But they don't because they only have us. It's better to have a dog in your life rather than a human. I think everyone should have a pet dog because you have no idea how much dogs love us.

If you're someone who loves dogs, watch this. If you're someone who doesn't like dogs, still watch this. Don't be late to love your dog. They don't have much time. 💫

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film ekak balala aduwe nati nisa tirisanec wechcha man


I watched this too. it caused me an EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!!
(bt not much as I expected)

It's very hard to watch this for a person who loves dogs.

That's why I don't watch this movie 😥. I heard about this movie and saw so many articles, reviews in facebook.Finally I decided not to watch it.