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Another Massive Reward Farm | 100 Accounts ?

in hive-133716 •  6 months ago 

What's your problem?

I don't have any single problem against you and randulakoralage. The question I have is why don't you let me do my job. I'm also from your own country, right?

Why do you downvote the posts of someone in your own country from an account created by your delegation?

Go to my account and check it out. How many posts have I written so hard over the months? Do I look like a fake?

What does he get for ruining my reputation? I took the steem I put in with my own hard work. Without snatching it from his pocket.

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Oh... so you're saying you are innocent? So what about all those fake accounts you and other two used to farm steem? I guess those fake accounts should be also innocent.Just wow..