Contest | You are the Ruler Of the World (ROW) | 10% for SL-Charity

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Hello …Big Hi to everyone…

I would like to announce a very interesting news to you…. Yep ..You are going to be the Ruler Of the World… It means you are going to be a King or Queen until the end of this contest… Lets see who will be the best King or Queen…Who will rock this contest…So lets move to the contest…

If you are going to be the King or Queen….

  1. Yes, you’re the King / Queen. Aren’t you surprised??? Shall we share your feelings?

02. For a King / Queen, There must be a smart advisor. So who will be your one?

For me, I would like to have Jack Ma as my advisor instead of Elon Mask. Both are genius, but I like Jack Ma.

03. So now you have an advisor, Then lets nominate your five steemian friends who can manage / capable to run the most important ministries in the world. You can choose 5 ministries.

Ex – Finance and Digital currencies, Health, Renewable/ sustainable energy, education etc.

Add profile picture of your friends and write small description about why you chose them.

04. Your action plan to develop and promote the Steemit platform.

Welcome to steemit.jpg

Basic rules to follow

1.You have to it write as a new post and put your entry as a comment to this post.

2.Write at least 250 - 300 words about it.

3.One entry per one person.

4.Please include the #row tag for your post.

5.Don't be serious, Be funny...Let your king or queen to rule here...

Welcome to steemit.jpg

Price for you:

1st place – 7 Steems

2nd Place – 6 Steems

3rd Place – 4 steems

4th Place – 3 steems

5th Place – 3 Steems

We have kept additional 2 steems in the pocket. Most funniest entry will get that one . Lets see who can get it. So keep writing...

There is a possibility to give booming support for attractive posts.

Welcome to steemit.jpg


Winners will be selected based on the quality, style, content, creativity of the presentation.


Contest will be on closed on 23rd Feb 2022, 5pm 27th Feb 2022, 5pm on Sri Lankan time. Be hurry...

Welcome to steemit.jpg


This is my figures in last month. We love power up.


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A newer concept to have a contest. Wanna participate in this. I am sure this will be funny. Ready to read the entries 🥰

Yes nangi...Writing and reading..both gonna be funny...Let see...

Let's see then...Good one after a long time...Let's rule...😉

Ha haa.... It's time to be a king...Lets rule with fun...

Hey My Friend This is from me

6th Entry.

Let’s see what extent our imagination can go 😁.

This is going to be very interesting.... I am waiting ....

Thanks for extending closing date of this funny, interesting contest.

Hope you will participate to this contest... It honor to me...

7th entry...

8th Entry...Thank you buddy..

Sure, this will be a funny, interesting contest.

Interesting.. im gonna participate this ...😍

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Wow. It's so creative. Let's wait to see some nice ideas coming here. I also gonna be part of it.Thank you for this nice contest after a long time😍

I also gonna be part of it.

Woww.....Wowww ....Queen - Monaragala going to rule the world... I am afraid...

Woooow😍 It's really creative contest...As well as it's really good to be able to participate in a contest after a long time.😍

I like to see you as king here... Will you be our king....????


here is my entry for the contest.

It was really fun to write something for this contest. Hope it will make others laugh too 😁.

3rd Entry... Hey Queen @rasinkani.... You are warmly welcome to the palace...

Thank you so much 😁

For while...I went to a kingdom where queen @randulakoralage is going to rule... Wow....really amazing writing....

4th Entry...
Hi fellows... Bend your nee...Our queen is here...

Soo interesting ! I'm going to start writing my entry

Ahh haa...I can see a sign of another queen, who is going to rule the world...

5th entry... Accepting the challenge... Thank you very much...


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Hi, everyone!

This is my entry :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the making of it :)


See guys...This is the 1st Lucky Entry from the Queen @opera.shoujo...

Thanks a lot...

Thank YOU!

This will be so fun! reserved for Poya day

Actually it should be funny... I would like to see steem = BTC as a king....

2nd Entry... Thank you very much...