Thank you for Being a Great Member For Steem Sri Lanka

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Just though to have a review about our tiny community. Long time before Steem Sri lanka was a leading community among others and few times we were able to come up to higher rankings of the community list. If you are a kind of old one, you may remember that. And also our community had more than 1000+ $ payouts while having more than 200-300 active posters here. That was the past. That was the time I was in the university and had the time to work on my community.


But with the time goes, I was busy with my job while all other active members from Steem srianka also getting busy life. So I had very few time to work on steemit and on our community . Eventually we missed our rhythm on Steemit. But still we are here. Still I am writing and our great members write here when they get a free time. And still I am keeping what I promised when I start this community before 2 years back.

If you remember, my intention to create this community to gather all our Sri Lankans and help them to have good payouts for their good quality content. When I create this community , I had a promise to my self I wouldn't leave any member's post with 0 value in this posts. That was my ambition and I was succeeded. Still I am able to support our members for their posts more than 6$ payouts while other communities falls. There were lots of communities when we start this and But at this time only few are active here while most communities were disappeared. But we see lot's of new communities and new concepts in steemit now.

What I wanted to say is This was a long journey for all of us and Thank you very much for producing your great content here. I appreciate that and Still I will be here until the last person posting in Steem srilanka community and I will try to keep my promise without breaking. So thank you once and I wish you a great future for you all.

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HI @randulakoralage,

At my school time ( Actually Grade 9 -13) our school team was the best team in Sabaragamuwa province for a one particular game. We were able to participate for the club level matches at the all island games. That was the golden era of my sport life. But just after complete O/L & A/L things went wrong all were busy with jobs and higher education.

But still some fellows trying to gather the old spirit. Because they know the value of that.

I it is bit similar to here.

Every time you did great things to the Sri Lanka.

Being a Great Member For Steem Sri Lanka

Yes. I'm really proud.

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Hi @randulakoralage,
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I also feel the same. Many of us have become very busy and lost the ability to be more active on steemit. It feels sad but we should keep the momentum.

Leadership is not about titles, positions, or work hours. It's about relationships.

@randulakoralage akke, it is because of that relationship that you have so lovingly built with all of us that this community is still moving forward safely. We can still say that we are still a good community because you were all there without leaving this community despite the problems. So thank you for all the sacrifices you make for this community and for us.❤️

Happy to be a member of this valuable community. Proud of you.😍👍

It is true that we've got a little busy over the time. But I think steemit is the best treatment for a busy life. I also join steemit as I can . I got a lot of things through steemit. And I was able to do a lot for society in a short period of time because of steemit. So it is a great honor to be a member of the steem sri lanka community.

You guys are doing a great job as always to keep the community alive and active.. Jaya!!!!

hi pren

Smiling in pain... 🥲🥲🥲