Rambutan Interval :)

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I was fed up after sitting for four hours continuously. I turned the MS Teams online status to "Away" for a while and went out. Just in front of the house, there is a Rambutan tree that is passing its young age. It's not a secret that this is the Rambutan season.

My eyes turned to a well-rippen fruit which is almost red. Also, my tired mind wanted a sour taste :)


My brother had prepared a picker already, and it was next to the tree. So I used it to pick the targeted Rambutan fruit and consumed it from there. It was so good and refreshing.


I remember two years back, the whole tree was full of red Rambutans. But after some time we trimmed the branches of one side and, thereafter no fruits came out from that side. I don't know to explain it scientifically, but now only one side of the tree gets fruits.


Above is the side without fruits and the other side gets good fruits. I remember last time, the fruits of the above side was bit sour and the fruits from the other side were sweet.


The best crop from the tree is consumed by squirrels and bats. At the end of the day, we can collect a number of empty rambutan peels under the tree. All well ripen fruits are for Squirrels :(


Luckily this time we had more fruits in a distance that we can pluck by hand. I eat two-three Rambutan fruits that I could easily reach.

Actually, these small moments are very good to break the monotonous routine of my life :

Have a Rambutan


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This is the season of Rambutan
I ate a lot. But the tree of our home didn't give any.

I'm experiencing the consequences of eating a lot of rambutan these days😁

I remember two years back, the whole tree was full of red Rambutans.

This reminds me rambutan tree that was in our garden.. it was full of rambutan. bt we had to cut it from bottom since its height was not good for house.😥