Cleaning Up Greenhouse and Plants

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It was raining when I woke up, but timely when it comes to 10 a.m sun started to shine. I had already planned to take my succulents out of the greenhouse. Actually, our greenhouse is made of bamboo sticks as we current material cost is extremely high. Eventhough the budget is too low, there was one problem. Maybe you know that there is dust inside the bamboo stick. This powder is heavily falling down when the stick is dried. We also had to face this issue.

Bamboo Powder

This powder spreads all over the greenhouse with the wind and remains on top of the leaves. Even though it didn't harm plants it makes the cultivation look bad and unhealthy. So my idea was to brush out the dust from bamboo sticks.

Bamboo Powder On Leaves

First I took all the plants out and placed them under direct sun. This is also good for plants to burnout germs on top of leaves. Before cleaning the greenhouse I used a old makeup brush to sweep out dust on the leaves and pots. It made my plants clean.

Cleaned Leaves

Then I started cleaning bamboo dust on sticks. I used a brush and a cloth to brush and wipe the dust. For my own safety, I used a mask and glasses. It wasn't a pleasant experience because the dust flew here and there when I brush. But I managed to clean 80% of the dust from sticks and walls.

After Cleaning

After that, I brushed the desk used to place plants also. Finally, I was able to have a clean greenhouse with healthy and tidy-looking plants.


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Can't you use any alternative? Or can't you use any option to cover the plants from dust?

Materials are too cost these days as you said. But this can be repeat.. 🤔