It's Barely 72 hours before the end of the Year, What are your plans for the new year?

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The year is about to end and it's important for everyone to sit down or have a personal retreat and appraise the year and also plan for the next year. It's easier to get carried away with end of the year activities and not plan for the year coming but it's not a good thing to enter a new year without a plan. Planning your year gives you a productive year, it's important to set goals and work towards achieving those goals enhance it's important before the year ends to set out time, it could be a day or two to sit down, think, appraise and plan.

How to appraise your year

It's important that before planning for the year coming, you appraise this year, think on how this year has been so far, what are the things you've done right and things you've done wrong, be sincere with yourself ,as this will build the foundation of your planning. Appraisal is not a way to condemn yourself but to find better way to be better.

Six areas you can appraise yourself

  • Level of mental transformation: it's important to check your mental transformation for the year, how has the year helped with your mental transformation, have your learnt new things, have you unlearn things your used to know, have your relearn new things as well, have you grown mental capacity this year or you need to improve on it? You need to ask yourself this questions and more.
  • Your health: This is very important as a lot of us take our health for granted. It's important to know how you've treated your body in the course of the year. Did you fed your body junks all through the year? Did your pay any attention to your body? Did you take care of your body? Did you do any exercise at all? Health is wealth and as we set goals and plans for the year it's also important to pay close attention to our health and also how to take care of it better.

  • Financial progress: financial progress is very important as we trend to spent money as it comes and forget about saving. It's good to appraise financial aspect of your year. Did you save at all? How did manage any resources that you got this year? can you do better next year? How do you ensure you save and not spend all you earn? Etc. Spending all we earn is one thing that leads to poverty, it's important to sit and find out the best way to invest our money and also manage it well.

  • Relationship : yes, this is also an important appraisal, it's good your appraise the kind of relationship you've built in the year, are they relationship that can help you grow or otherswise? Did you build quality relationship this year or you need to work on that? These are some questions you can ask yourself concerning your relationship this year.

  • Living a purpose driven life: a lot of people live their life to chance but it's important to live a purpose driven life, this helps to live a coordinated live and it's helps to focus on your purpose. So it's important to find your purpose in life and what you plan to achieve in life and follow it with all your heart and might.

  • Spiritual growth ( If you are a spiritual person): If you are a spiritual person, it's important to appraise your spiritual life, was there any spiritual growth at all this year? How can your improve your spiritual life?

These are just guidelines that can be used to appraise the year, remember appraisal is personal and you need to be sincere with yourself for effective appraisal.

Planning for year 2022

A lot of people thinks planning is hard and they can't commit themselves to planning but a well planned year is already a success. It's not that difficult to plan, just set a goal for the year or what you plan to achieve all through next year. My major plan next year is to go after knowledge. So the next question I asked my self is what type of knowledge? I will like to learn more about financial management, I will to learn more on content creating and the likes. So I look for the kind of training I can do to help me get more knowledge concerning these areas. That's planning!!! Look for the major things you will like to achieve and look for ways to achieve them, it's that's simple.

I hope this helps you to plan your year and also make you a better person, this is my first post in this community, I'm a old user so I don't have achievement post in the newcomers community but you can read about me in this post. Thank you for reading and I wish you all a prosperous new year!

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