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¡Saludos mis queridos Steemians! 😊

Les doy la bienvenida a otro capítulo en mi blog.

Greetings my dear Steemians! 😊

I welcome you to another chapter on my blog.

I have spent a weekend of total relaxation, and it's all thanks to my husband, who booked a night in a very popular vacation hacienda in the city. We have taken it as a foretaste of what is supposed to be a traditional honeymoon and we have had an incredible time.


Hacienda Los Potros/ Maturín-Edo-Monagas/Venezuela

Upon arrival at the hotel we were given a tour of the facilities, checked in and ran out to enjoy the pool. The sun was at its best, so we would get out of the pool from time to time to apply sunscreen, because we are both delicate with our skin. What I can tell you is that we spend a lot of time in the water, since we don't have that opportunity very often. 😅



The food at the restaurant was very tasty, but somewhat expensive for us, we still did the math and we were able to enjoy the menu. The surroundings were very beautiful, everything was very clean and the attention was excellent.



My favorite activity, apart from swimming, was boating, although I discovered that I don't have much strength for this sport. My husband was joking all the way, because I got tired quickly and I didn't really understand where I should row hahaha...

But I enjoyed the experience, I just know I need to exercise my arms more.


I am very grateful to God for being able to live this experience with my husband, I feel that this type of thing helps us to unite more and takes us away from the routine. Hopefully more moments like this!

I'll say goodbye for today, thanks for reading!

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Oh I see.. Someone is in her honeymoon 😋 nice place. How about the cost for your stay?

The night in the hotel cost us $60 (breakfast included), I consider that the most expensive was the food, since we spent approximately $50

A very nice place 😍

It is perfect for couples with children, because there are more activities for the little ones, but it is still a good place to spend the day ☺️