Our big day has arrived! 🥰✨ |5% to Sl-charity 💕|

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After several days of stress, looking for the perfect clothes, planning the celebration and nervous about taking the next step, we can now say "Husband and wife"


At 10:30 am we had an appointment in court to carry out the ceremony, they informed us about our duties and rights as spouses, and then they made us put on the rings, along with a few words of promise. Despite being legal, I was very moved by the whole process.


After the signing, we went to a very nice square in the city, for a professional photo shoot, but they still haven't delivered them to me, so I'll show them to you later.

We couldn't have a party, because we didn't have the financial resources, but we celebrated our union with a family lunch.


Thank God it was a perfect day for both of us, we are very happy that this day finally came, happy to share our joy with the family, and we can only thank you for so many blessings. A new stage in our lives begins and we are happy to be able to share it together.


Me despido por hoy. ¡Gracias por leerme!

I'll say goodbye for today, thanks for reading!

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maybe this is a day you can't forget with your favorite partner. Happy new life, hopefully all obstacles can be passed together with patience.

Hey congratulations my dear.. this is so awesome. Look at this cute new bride😍 and this handsome guy.. Your dress is ao sweet. Love it.

Best wishes to both of you

life is so perfect, always happy and arrange a strong bond as husband and wife. how happy, i was married before i feel how happy this is

What beautiful words! Thank you for sharing our happiness ✨☺️

Happy wedded life friend...
May your dreams come true.. 💞

Thank you. With the help of God it will be like this 🙏😃

Happy marriage life to you.

Hey! Thank you for joining us in this story. 💕

Wish you a happy marriage life!

Thank you very much, we are happy to receive so many good wishes 😊✨

Wish you a happy marriage life!😍
You look really charming in the dress and the way you have celebrated your wedding day is absolutely beautiful!❤

Oh! Thank you so much 🥰

Wish you for a happy marriage life❤️

Thank you so much 🥰

Congratulation for the new chapter of your life ❤🎉.

Thank you, friend 😃 With the help of God, it will be 🙏✨

Felicidades por tu dia de perfecto, te ves linda con tu vestido.
Me gusta que haya sido una celebracion intima, porque lo mas importante es celebrar el amor.
Gracias por compartir tu dia con nosotros!!

Muchas gracias 😊 Es correcto, lo importante para nosotros fué lograr otra meta como pareja y equipo 💪

Congratulations amigo...Wish you a happy marriage life....

We thank you for your good wishes ☺️✨

Congratulations on your marriage!!! Great pic of you both, and also of the family. I wish you a wonderful married life!

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to congratulate us, friend. We appreciate your nice words 🤗😉

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