I am going to marry! 👰✨ |5% to Sl-charity 💕|

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¡Saludos mis queridos Steemians! 😊

Les doy la bienvenida a otro capítulo en mi blog.

Greetings my dear Steemians! 😊

I welcome you to another chapter on my blog.

I spent this weekend looking for wedding dresses 🤭 I tell you that my fiancé and I decided to legally join in marriage, so I need to find a dress for the occasion.

I thought it would be much easier, but I still can't find the right one and at a price I can afford.








I still have a lot of work ahead of me, I hope that this week I can find something that makes me look like a bride

I'll say goodbye for today, thanks for reading!

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happy thing, I hope this is a very special moment to wait for an invitation from you. Congratulations, that day will come, indeed it is difficult to decide on a dress on a special day.

Don't even mention it 😅, I feel pressured because I can't find anything and it's almost time for the big day. I will try to document everything to share it with you ☺️

wow that's an amazing idea. I want to see again🙊🙊

Ok dear..I wish you a good day..👍

Hey! Thanks for your good wishes 😊


Congratulations for your big day. 💝💝

Hey! Thank you very much 😉

I think the colour of the first dress really suits your skin tone. White looks good on you too. Hope that you have found a dress to your likings.
All the best for the new milestone of your life!

I also liked the tone of the first dress, only that in the city where I live it is quite difficult to find varied models, there is nothing fashionable, let's put it that way 😅

White dresses look good.. Hope you have selected a dress by now 🤭..
Greetings for the New Chapter of your life 👩‍❤️‍👨

I'm already starting to feel nervous, because I haven't been able to find anything 🥴. I appreciate your good wishes ☺️✨

I prefer last one. White frock. Happy wedded life. 😍

I liked that one, but they didn't have my size and that model was a bit too big for me 😕. Thanks for your good wishes 🤩


Congratulations for the new chapter is to be begun.....

Hey! Thank you very much 😉, with God's favor everything will be fine 🙏

Congratulations😍. One of hardest things for girls is choosing a dress for any occasion..

Yes right? but definitely the wedding is the most complicated of all 😅

Congratulations for you most waited day of your life❤️

Hey! Thank you for taking the time to congratulate me ☺️