The Battery is Dead - 5% for SL-charity

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Our car is one of the most unused things in our home. It is only used by me and malli very rarely. My father doesn't drive and neither does my mother. When I want to go to town or to a friend's house I use the bike. It makes me lazy to drive the car and roam up and down searching for a parking slot. Therefore even on rainy days, I use the bike.

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Because of the lockdown period, we never go anywhere as a family. So the car was there in the garage for weeks without use. Yesterday I tried to start it. Just a little ignition sound once and nothing more. The battery was dead. Since it was a semi-hybrid car I thought jump start may be harmful.

So I removed the battery to bring it to charge. Since the battery is dead, it is less dangerous. But a full charge battery may be very dangerous even can explode. Rule of thumb, never ever short two poles. And always do not touch poles with the body of the car.

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If someone is interested here are the steps to follow.

Removing the Old Battery

  1. Remove the negative cable from the negative terminal—the one with the minus sign. Depending on the design of the battery, you may need a wrench to loosen the cable-free.
  2. Remove the positive cable from the positive terminal—the one with the plus sign. If you are using a tool like a wrench, make sure the metal doesn’t contact the terminal as it will spark.
  3. Loosen the battery hold-down, connectors, and/or fasteners that secure the battery in place.
  4. Lift the battery out. The weight of the battery may be over 50 pounds, so get some help if necessary. Put the battery to the side in a safe spot.

Add the New Battery

  1. Clean the clamps. Before you actually add the battery, try to remove any corrosion, dirt, or debris from the clamps. You can also clean the battery terminals from any build-up issues. A skinny wire brush and some water or baking soda are usually all you need.
  2. Put the new battery into the holder.
  3. Secure the battery.
  4. Reconnect the positive terminal.
  5. Reconnect the negative terminal.
  6. Test the car. You can try to crank up the engine or just turn on the electronics. If everything powers up, the battery is properly installed and you’re ready to get going.


Today we got the battery after charging. I carefully placed it and completed connections again. Luckily car started again. If your car is also not using much just start it once every two days to keep the battery healthy.

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Thanks for reading guys! Cheers to all!

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Thank you for sharing these steps malli. One day this will be helpful to me.😉

You are welcome!

i don't understand with + - and current, but you explained it well.

It's worth to learn.