First Hostel Experience - 5% for SL-Charity

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Once I had told that I selected the engineering field because of 3-idiots movies. So hostel life was also on my bucket list. I always wanted to experience that. So this week, we were asked to complete our practicals physically. The best thing was we were all given hostel rooms because the department wanted to keep us in a bubble. We have to stay here for five weeks and cannot go anywhere. It's just hostel to department and department to hostel.

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Previously, one room was given to four students, but for us, there are only two students in each room, and we had the chance to select our roommate by ourselves. So we have plenty of space and the room is also very nice. Each one has a table, a cupboard, a chair, and a bed. Washrooms are also allocated for each room by labeling them by room numbers. Washrooms are cleaned regularly and trash is also removed every day. We are all thankful to the cleaning staff.

I am staying on the second floor. Like it was done on purpose all the funniest mates were also selected to my floor. So it is never boring. They sing, joke, tell stories and so many things. Really I feel the difference between a hostel and a boarding house from just one day.

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I forgot to mention last night we played cricket in the corridor. Firstly we played one bounce cricket in the dining area but later we switched to the corridor because some wanted to use the area to eat. The only issue until now was food, which was given by the canteen. But our department is addressing that issue now and hopefully, it will be also solved soon.

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We have a fully-packed schedule in these weeks. But I love to share my experience with you whenever I'm free.

Thanks for reading guys! Cheers to all!

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You can have fun in hostel life because you have all the friends you know.

Yes, we all are having a great time after a long time.

ඕක දැක්කම මතක් උනේ අපේ හොස්ටල් කාමරේ. ඕක වගේමයි. ෆ්‍රී wifi නැද්ද බන්?

තියනවා, වැඩේ කියන්නෙ රවුටර් එක හරියටම කාමරේ ඉස්සරහ

After the reopening of the university we will have to stay like this for 4 months.😕

Ohh, that's a long period.

meka dekkama mage okkkoma mathakaa aluth una. anee hostel eka 😍 ganu lamayinge eke nm eka room ekaka thun denai inne. oya mg batch ekeda??

Me room walath 4 denekta ida thiyanawa. Eth Corona nisa dennai inne.

oya mg batch ekeda??

Me mage final year eka.

Good to go back to uni and spend some time at hostel. Hope you guys will have the chance to go to a normal hostel life as in 3 idiots

Hope you guys will have the chance to go to a normal hostel life as in 3 idiots

We always try to enjoy the time to the fullest.

You have started your hostel life then😍
You"ll love it.❤

So far so good!

You will undoubtedly have a lot of memorable experiences throughout your hostel life🤗.

Yes, I also think so