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The contest is finished. Now, this is the time to announce the winners of the contest. I am very happy to see that there are 26 participants in this contest. Everyone shares their photos and ideas about their favorite places. Some of the places I have never seen before. So, I believe that this became a good chance for all of you to share your thoughts about your favorite place and also see other’s favorite places.

There are many creative and attractive comments are there. So that, selecting the winners become hard. After reading the all entries, I have selected few comments as winners. I have considered the creativity, photos, and your reasons.

Winners …..

Place Name Prize
1st Place @sandu 4 STEEM
2nd Place @saman88 3 STEEM
3rd Place @randulakoralage 2 STEEM
4th Place @esthersanchez 1 STEEM
5th Place @thisaru 1 STEEM

So, congratulations to all the winners. And also, thanks to everyone who participate in this contest.

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Congratulations all!💐

Congratulations winners 😍🤗.

Thank you for all the supports you have given to Steem Sri Lanka ! This little souvenir to celebrate your generosity... We wish you all the success!


Steem Sri Lanka Community

Thank you ...!

Congratulation winners.

Congratulations for all the winners👌

Congratulation for the winners and the participants also...

congratulations winners!

Thank you very much!!
I really appreciate it!! <3

you are welcome..!

Congrats To The Winner 😊

Congratulations all ❤️

congratulations for all the winners.