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Hello Steemians ..!
It's been about 6 months since I joined the Steemit Platform. From then until today I had the opportunity to learn a lot in this platform. My sister was the first to connect me to this Steemit platform. She is @madhumunasinghe. She was the one who taught me all the lessons from the day I came to this platform till today. So I thank her very much for that.

Last week I was able to cross the 1500 SP limit. I am very happy to be able to cross that target in 6 months. I joined the Steemit Platform and posted the largest number of my posts in the Steem Sri Lanka Community. I also had the good fortune to join the SL Charity Phase 01 Project within a month.

I got a lot of things in a short period of about 6 months by joining this Steemit Platform. Financially, I also gained some stability. It was a great help to my university studies and day to day life. So I thought this platform would be useful for me as well as many others. That's why I decided to do a Steemit Promotion Campaign through Facebook.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world today. I have a Like 100,000+ Facebook Page on Facebook. Page Link So I thought this was the best place to do this promotion.

First I created a Creative Post using the Canva App. Then I posted it on my Facebook page yesterday. And I put it on the Facebook Status. Post Link


After coming to Steemit, I spent less and less time on social media like Facebook and Instagram. I also think that my facebook campaign will be a reason for many more people to come to the steemit platform to make the most of their free time. So I hope to continue this kind of Facebook promotion related to Steemit. 💪

Finally, many thanks to @randulakoralage Akka for guiding and advising on the Steemit Platform.

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This is good work malli... Lets make more...

I'll do my best 💪🔥

You have done a great job malli. Keep it up. Your FB page is full of good thoughts. Good work.👌🥰

Thank you ayyee 🖤

Good work malli 💖.

Thank you akke 💙

Great work malli.👌 Keep it up 💪💖

Thank you ayye 🖤

This is great work! 🙌❤️

And you're really doing a great page. Very nice and meaningful quotes. Keep it up malli. 😍

Thank you akka 💙

You've done a great job !!! 😇

Thank youuu...😊

Good job malli....💪


you did very well, with this plan even more join steemit

Yeah, sure 🔥

Best way to promote steemit ♥️

Yeah 🔥

Good job friend💖

Thank you 😊

Well done !! I think lot's of people will reach this

yeah 🔥

You did it well malli🤗

Best work for promotions.

Thank you..😊

Great work to society malli. keep it up.

Thank you ayye 🖤