Friends big day

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Hi... I think all are fine. I am came here after 2 months so I have more to share with you. Last two months I had a lots of work. My friend married on 11th july then I got engaged on 15th july.


Today I share with you memories on my friends big day. She got married on last month. Its a love marriage. I think they have start the affair since school time. I know its not suitable but they have been continuing their affair until all accept their love.. There were many barriers came for them I saw their love strong more and more because of that barriers. They have celebrated 12th anniversary just before their wedding.. I mean they have been coming together 12 years finally they got married with wishes of all.

We were done a surprise dance in the wedding. We practiced 4 to 5 days for that. Actually we were not good dancers but we were done that job as we can. We have surprised nadeekas husband. Means Nadee also joined with us but chathura aiya didn't know anything about that. He really surprised by looking at our dance. We selected songs for that by looking at previous surprise dances. We carefully watched them and 4 songs were selected. In that selection we mainly considered steps which we can do easily.
The wedding day had came. We were so exited because we all have not done surprise dances before. After the lunch we were done that. We have been receiving many good comments for our surprise dance. I am happy to say we done our job in a best way.



I want to say something about our beautiful little bride. She dressed as a little doll. I have no words to say her simple beauty. And I like to wish her for the fantastic and bright future and wish to live as love birds forever. 😍😍

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You too look very beautiful with your attire. Nice selection.

I am looking forward for one of my closest friends to marry😍 But still no sign

You look so beautiful 😍

Everyone looks so beautiful😍