Steem Sri Lanka Year-End Contest | Looking Back at 2021

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Nice to have a chance to look back at the year passing.😍

I like Numerology. I believe that numbers have some invisible power which influences us unconsciously. I have my favourite numbers. Among those, No.5 is one of my favourite winning numbers.
2 plus 0 plus 2 plus 1= 5.

As I expected, year 2021 brought me success in various ways than the other past few years.I have been assigned many responsibilities in my career.There are five ongoing construction work sites to be attended.



Some were real challenges. Sure that I could face them successfully as far as possible.

Just like 2020, 2021 is also a year in which all of us had to fight with a powerful invisible enemy. During this year, we had to report duties daily even in locked down seasons. We couldn't do "work at home" because we engaged in construction work. It couldn't be stopped. Therefore, there was a challenge for us, not to be Covid 19 patients.In office as well as at work sites, some co-workers became victims of Covid 19 unexpectedly.Still I am lucky to be safe.

Results of only a few events of "Amila Talents Competition 2020" were released yet. It was a pleasure to be selected my poem for the last 10 out of nearly 175 poems.

I have a collection of poems which were composed during the past two and half years. At the end of this year, sent them for a manuscript competition.Cannot predict anything regarding it now & will have to wait patiently nearly one year to release results.

It was a pleasure to participate in Praveen's Convocation yesterday (22/12/2021). It was a happy and memorable day.


Each & every citizen of this country has contributed to enable students like him to learn free of charge from Universities by paying various taxes.Therefore, Graduates have a duty to work sincerely & generously in return for the citizens of their motherland.

While I was returning from Praveen's Convocation, the base concrete of a Water Tower (volume of 309cu.m.) at 5.00 p.m. yesterday. It was completed at about 8.00a.m. today. I have a guilty feeling for not attending to that critical work.Chief Engineer, some of my colleagues & working gang did their duties continuously throughout last night.


The other important milestone in my life is to join the Steem Sri Lanka platform. I joined in February 2021. I was introduced by my son, Praveen. A new window has been opened for me to share my feelings with the Young Generation.

I read them through their posts.It is interesting to read their writings.Some times,I astonish by reading posts regarding their talents in various kinds of crafts.Happy to see friendships which were built up among each other & the way they help their friends.Unfortunately my steemit journey is a journey of a tortoise.😏

Anyhow, 2021 was a year which brought me many challenges as well as successes through those.

I like to invite @chanchala, @praveenw96 and @thisarani96 to participate for this contest.

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Even during the pandemic you have done so much work💖.

Yes dear, it's a pleasure.

Therefore, Graduates have a duty to work sincerely & generously in return for the citizens of their motherland.

that's very true.. Achievements full of construction stuff

Happy new year to you

With time life is getting more busy than past days.

Certainly yes. Same for everyone.

You have passed very tough period..🙄

Oh yes. Just now I stay at home due to my husband is Covid positive.

Don't worry,he will be recover soon.