What Did Steem Sri Lanka Bring to My Life | 10% for SL Charity

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We have only 2 more days to celebrate the Steem Sri Lanka 1st Anniversary. 🤩🤩🤩

We have come a long way of journey as a community with the support of all our beloved members of Steem Sri Lanka. Looking back on my Steemit journey, I'm so happy to be a part of this community.

It's been 425 days since I joined Steemit. I must thankful to my school friend @randulakoralage for introducing me to this wonderful platform. After few months of joining we was able to create a community for Sri Lankans and I am happy about being with Steem Sri Lanka from the very beginning of its establishment.

My very first article in Steem Sri Lanka | September 12, 2020

Through my Steemit journey there are so many memories added to my life. I met lot of new friends from Steem Sri Lanka. It's very amazing because they are from different parts of the country and they do different professions. Even though some are never seen by eyes our friendship is growing stronger along with our community growing. Because we done many things together for the betterment of our community.

As a individual I have a immense happiness about things I did in the community. I learned a lot and gained many experiences. So far I was able to organized few contests in our community. In addition, I participated in many contests and was able to win some contests. Season 2 of the diary game was a real experience for me and finally our team was at the top of the winners list. Good old days ❤

Contests which I organized in SSL

As a community we have launched a charity project as SL Charity and along with it we have done many charity projects in different areas in the country. Our first charity project was helping low income families in Elpitiya area. We did it together very successfully. That is one of my unforgettable memories in Steemit Journey.

SL Charity - Elpitiya

As well as I have helped a disable low income family in our are under the SL charity project with the contribution of all our community members. Hope to do more charity works along with SL charity.

Helping a low income family

Throughout my Steemit journey I earned many things. With my earnings from Steemit I got many things needed to me and spent them to my own needs. Last February I bought a new smart phone from money which I earned from Steemit.

IMG-20210515-WA0004.jpgMy new smart phone

When I was go through my Steemit Journey along with Steem Sri Lanka I am so glad and refreshed my memories. It is not a short time, it is a long journey we all have come together. Actually now I have a nice Steemit family. Happy to be with you all and funny to have chit chats with you guys.... 😍

I ❤ Steem Sri Lanka

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I ❤ Steem Sri Lanka

We also love this beautiful community.....


@tipu curate

My very first article in Steem Sri Lanka | September 12, 2020

Once I made a article for 1000 subscribers for our community. Then I have forgotten the day our community established. How ever your this post helped me to verify the right date...🙊

You are also a golden member in our community... ❤️

You also had been with us when we establishing our community. 😍

I straight my hair by using money earn from the steemit😍😍. You have a nice journey in the steemit family. happy tp engaged with you.

Oh nice. I also done many things with my earnings of steemit. 😍

You have come a long journey here and I wish you would have a long successful journey in the future as well

Thank you ♥️

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Sl charity project is the best thing we did in this community ❤️, keep going akke , you are doing a major role for this akke 😍

Yeah. We had opportunity to help many people with our sl charity project. Lets do more together ♥️

A long journey with great work.

That is one of my unforgettable memories in Steemit Journey.

A memory that will last for life time.

yeah. Our first charity work 😍

Thank you for all the supports you have given to Steem Sri Lanka ! This little souvenir to celebrate your generosity... We wish you all the success!


Steem Sri Lanka Community

Happy Anniversary Steem Sri Lanka!! 🥰🥰🥰

Wow. You also bought a new phone from steemit earnings.

This all is because of our community🥳🥳🥳

yeah. In addition I did many things from my earnings of steemit. 🙊

I am very grateful to you Anusha. You have given a little time to stay with the SSL community, you are the best friend. Of course we are far but you don't treat me as a stranger 😊

I still remember at that time you said a little bored by cooking🙊, of course😊

Happy Anniversary SSL 🎉

Hey, you are being a nice friend for all of us. Happy to see your engagement with Steem Sri Lanka. Cheers for long distance friendship! ♥️

Best regards,

You are very kind to me, I remember you are the only one and the first one I met who cares about outsiders 😊

Friendship is stronger 🙏

Love to hear that 😘
stay safe!!

wow😍 You have bought a mobile phone with the money you have earned from here. This platform gave us a lot so we should be thankful😊

Yeah. I earned many things from steemit. 🙊

You have done lot of things with steem sri lanka..we are always with steem sri lanka😍😍

Yeah. We are growing together Steem Sri Lanka! 😍

finally our team was at the top of the winners list.

we were the champions buddy🥳🥳

you were a founder member of SSL.. I think you are happy as me.. That is great you remained with us this long even with your difficult schedule... we want you in the future too

yeah. I also have old the golden memories of our Steemit journey. I am so happy and proud about Steem Sri Lanka! Hope to continue my future Steemit journey with you all together SSL ♥️♥️♥️