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The Dharmapala Park, located near the historic fort in Galle attracting local and foreign tourists, was on lack of proper maintenance for the past few years. Later steps were taken to modernize it and the renovated Dharmapala Park in Galle was opened by President last week. I have seen many beautiful photos and videos of opening day of park through social media. So I also wanted to visit the park to see its beauty. 🌸😍


Last day I went to Galle with @roshipeiris to take our medical reports and in the evening we visited the renovated park. The entrance was free of charge. The park is now very eye catching including children's playground for kids under 12 years and an outdoor theater with lighting facilities. There were so many visitors specially children were engaged in playing activities.


We walked along the walking paths and sat on a bench to relive our tired. The park is looking green and attracted with shade trees. Next we visited fish exhibition. There were many kind of fish exhibiting in the tanks as well as a beautiful pond with fish. There were also two ponies in the park. We walked throughout the park while taking photographs. There were also young couples holding hands and sitting on benches. 🙈


The another attraction is Butterfly bridge at the edge of the park. It is double span white bridge over the river and it was named the butterfly bridge because of its appearance. Finally we walked over the butterfly bridge and entered into walking path near the Samanala ground. There were beautiful flower plants have grown along the walking path. Now Galle is very attractive. 🤩

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It's a very beautiful park. 😍 There is no such beautiful park here. 😒

Oh no. Come to Galle. 🤭

Galle was renovated last few it is very is looks like a paradise at night.

Yeah. It is just like a heaven 🥺♥️

I haven't gone there yet 😄.

Dan yanna 😌

An unforgettable day with you🤗

Yep 😍

Beautiful💖 Wanna go there sooner 🥰🙊

Yeah 😍

I was reminded of our beautiful reminders with my friends .We sometimes come here to have our lunch. very lovely place

Of course 😍