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Just like everyone else, I also look forward to my birthday every year. It happens on 9th November which makes November a special month for me. Yesterday my day started with loads of birthday wishes from my friends and relatives. As I had clinical placement the day was passed as usually. After the clinical placement my friends asked for going shopping and I joined with them.

I was surprised because they accompanied me there for buying a gift for me. After that they stepped toward the Galle fort with me. I felt that there should be something behind the scene. 🙊


On the way to fort we bought ice creams and went for a bench for having them. At that time my eyes was closed by someone who came from behind me. 🙈

Oops! He is not anyone else, he is my loving boyfriend. 😍 I was surprised about the presence of him. He and my friends were arranged the birthday celebration for me. My eyes filled with tears of joy. Because It was very unexpected. He bought me a birthday cake also. The evening was full happening. We all enjoyed the birthday celebration and took many photographs.


On my birthday, I don't usually throw a birthday party. But this time my birthday was filled with many surprises. It was a fun filled day where my boyfriend and my university friends organized a surprised birthday party for me. When I was going home I was surprised again. My sisters also arranged a birthday celebration for me and my mother made my favorite dish for dinner.

Not only that when I was going home there was a gift box delivered for me which was sent by #lassanacraft. It was from my boyfriend. I didn't know what was inside the box. The most exciting part about my birthday celebration is opening gift box.


OMG! There was a beautiful birthday card and many chocolates for me. Among the chocolates there were something wrapped and I unwrapped it carefully. Wow! It was a smart watch. 😍 I love it. The day was filled with joy and many surprises. Moreover, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have all this on my birthday. Love you and thank you for everything you have done for me. ❤

Thank you!

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Many surprises and gifts for your birthday. Wow.🥳

Happy birthday to you. 🎂

Thank you 😍😍😍

happy 25th birthday dr. you are still lucky to have friends who can celebrate this beautiful thing, I think your lover manages all the happiness of those beautiful tears friends. on every birthday have cakes and gifts that make you happy,.. have a nice birthday friend, I'm happy to see good people grow up. May your dreams come true Anusha😍🎂🎉

Thnk you @maulidar for your kind words 😍😍😍


Wow this day will be a remarkable one to your life , happy birthday akke be safe and happy ❤️😍🤩

Of course malli. Thank you 😍

No 25 is a special no. Many thing can be happen...So its gonna be a really good birth day for you. Wish you happy BD.

Thank you aiya 😍😍😍

Happy 25th birthday akke..🥳 May your all dreams come true..

Thank you malli 😍😍😍

What a fabulous day for you!❤
So much fun n surprises!
Wish you a beautiful life ahead darling!❤

Thank you 😍

A memorable birthday with many surprises 😍.

I was surprised about the presence of him.

Best way to surprise 😁.

Yeah. I never forget that day 🙊♥️

Happy birthday, akke! Have a great one.

Thank you malli! 😍

‌A birthday full of love. this must be an unforgettable day for you.

Yeah. It was a very special day for me. 🙊

Happy Birthday Anusha 🎂 apata party nadda ?

Nah 😌

Happy 25th birthday to you.Wish your all dreams come true..

Thank you 😍