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Normally tea leaves are harvested on a regular basis at intervals of 7 days in our tea cultivation. And then transported to the nearby tea factory for production. Today is the last day of taking over harvested tea leaves by the tea factories before the Sinhala and Tamil new year. So today morning my father ready to go for harvesting tea leaves in our little tea cultivation.

I also went there with my father to see our little tea plants. Actually they are not little now, they are matured enough to give their harvest. My father started to pluck the tea leaves line by line. The harvesting tea is the plucking of tea leaves, mostly with one bud and two tender leaves.


While father is plucking tea leaves I walked through the tea plants. I found that there were tiny white flowers on some tea plants. They were really beautiful. Not only that there were tiny butterflies and dragonflies fly among tea plants. They were so hard to catch. I enjoyed hunting them for capturing their beauty. 😂


As it is ready to begin new year season trees also ready to welcome new year. The rambuttan tree was full of green tiny rambuttan nuts. Two pineapples were also awaiting for new year. Meanwhile I picked some lemons from lemon tree. They are good for making a lemon juice. 😋


After couple of hours father finished harvesting tea leaves. He was looking tired. I suggested him that it is good to have some king coconut at the moment. No worries! There were some king coconut in the tree. He picked few king coconuts and we both enjoyed the natural refreshment. Other king coconuts were collected to take to home.


Today morning was so happy for me. We harvested lot, not only tea leaves. Happy to see growing and harvesting them. It was a well spent time with the nature. 💚

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Tea plantation looks good.. It's not that old as I can see.. Price is also good these days..

Yeah. It is about 2 years old now 🌱

Happy harvesting may you get a lot of profit on this last harvest before the new Sinhala year comes. I'm so glad you went with your dad this time

Yeah 😍🌱

It's happy to see your tea plantation with other kinds of different fruits. I really enjoyed reading your article. 👌

Hey, thank you. 😀

Little moments are enjoyable. Isn't it.. nice captures too. This article feels me that I am there

That's true. We can enjoy every little moment. 😍

this sounds very interesting to spend the whole day in that tea garden. how nice it is to be able to live together with the closest people, namely parents.

You say the same thing when we are tired of stopping from the garden and drinking water from the coconut which is certainly very fresh.

Yeah. I love to be there and spend some time with green plants and trees. It refreshes my mind. 🌱♥️