Splinterlands April 6th Daily Quest Rewards and Card Giveaway

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I must be the most unluckiest person alive when it comes to daily quest rewards. My April 6th rewards were just sad. I got 3 alchemy potions, 1 legendary potion, 14 Dec and 2 commo cards.

Getting the Ettin Spearman was helpful as that is a card I play often on higher mana games involving my fire splinter cards. I'm just 65 cards away from getting my Ettin to level 7.

I did by the end of my play session yesterday make it to Diamond III league so hopefully i can stay there and get lucking on the daily between now and season end in about 7 days.

The info for this post is from my rental account @georgeknowsall


Giveaway Time
Lets do a giveaway!

The rules are very simple.

#1 Play Splinterlands
#2 comment on this post (include you Splinterlands name)

The winner will be announced after payout of this post in approx 7 days. Card will be transferred to the Splinterlands account given in the winning comment from my @toycard account.

This contest maybe posted on other sites, if so each site where this contest is posted will have its own winner.

Good luck everyone!

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Thank you for the chance!

Thank you for entering, I have transferred a Barking Monkey and a Ettin Spearman to you.