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On February 24th, Splinterlands has introduced CREDITS into the Splinterlands ecosystem. CREDITS are non-transferable in-game currency, can be bought with other supported cryptocurrencies and PayPal. It is pegged to USD at a 1000:$1 rate. So, if you want to buy 1000 CREDITS (minimum) if need to pay $1 from PayPal or $1 worth of any other supported cryptocurrencies. supports CREDITS purchase and purchase of cards/packs using CREDITS. Like packs, MonsterMarket gives 2% cashback for CREDITS purchase too.

Let see how can we use CREDITS efficiently...

I wanted to buy 2 Cornealus untamed legendary cards which were listed at $7.85 for both. To buy them I need 7850 CREDITS. Now I am going to use my affiliated account to purchase CREDITS from MonsterMarket so that I get 5% cashback from Splinterlands as an affiliate bonus and 2% more from MonsterMarket. That's 7% in total for CREDITS purchase only.

Screenshot from 2020-04-04 21-21-55.png

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Total cashback: 1.063+2.657 = 3.72
Percentage: (3.72÷53.149) = 0.06999191×100 = 6.9992 ≈ 7%

Let us buy the cards...

After CREDITS purchase, I opted to buy the cards. As CREDITS are DEC under the hood, you see I paid in DEC (Splinterlands did on behalf of me).

Screenshot from 2020-04-04 21-55-15.png

As I have used MonsterMarket for the purchase I received 3% cashback as well.

Screenshot from 2020-04-04 21-58-39.png

Here is the Steem-engine transaction

So, 7% for CREDITS and 3% for cards purchase, a total of 10% savings if we buy the CREDITS and cards from MonsterMarket.

MonsterMarket supports CREDITS purchase using HIVE, HBD, STEEM, and SBD. So, you'll get cashback if you use these currencies from But there is a way to get cash back even if you use other cryptocurrencies and/or use PayPal to buy CREDITS from website. That is using our extension.


Please make sure the extension is enabled and you reload the webpage after you install the extension.

N.B.: We can not guarantee that the extension would always work due to changes in the ecosystem, and time needed to code and release new updates to accommodate the changes.


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