Contest #001 | Steem Tech & Gadgets | My Dream Smart Phone

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Everybody has a dream of having the latest smartphone, it would seem funny to some people that dream of the latest smartphone and it doesn't happen because it's too expensive. But that didn't stop you from believing that you wouldn't have this phone.

Every day, we visualize and believe and feel as grateful as possible if we already have an ideal smartphone that we dream of, some people put a picture of their dream smartphone in their room, put it on the wall on their phone and computer, and write something in that picture.

But to put it bluntly, dreams are creatures, and it's hard to put them together - but it's true that the content of our dreams can be influenced by what we think. Think about it: after spending a few days thinking about how often my phone appears in my dreams, I had a dream designed to send messages completely. And let me tell you - you did not miss much.

Contest Topic : My Dream Smart Phone

So, Steem Tech & Gadgets Community wants to know from their members about their dream smartphone. You have to tell us about your dream smartphone that includes.

  • Brand Name and Model of your dream phone
  • What are the best features of your dream phone and what you can do with that features?
  • Why do you like that smartphone?

Contest Rules

To participate in this contest, you have to follow some basic rules like...

  • You have to post your entry in the Steem Tech & Gadgets Community Community.
  • The title of your post will be: "Contest #001 | Steem Tech & Gadgets | My Dream Smart Phone --- Brand/Model ---"
  • The entry must contain at least 150 words.
  • We recommend setting 10% beneficiary for @stg-official to strengthen the community.
  • Expected to upvote, resteem this post
  • You should follow @stg-official account for updates on more contests like this.
  • You tags must include #stg-contest in your first 5 tags with #contest #steemtechgadgets #steemexclusive #yourcountry #technology #gadgets
  • Plagiarism is not allowed and we are strict on Plagiarism.
  • At least 1 photo of your dream phone must be included and mention the proper source of images.
  • You have to reply below this post with your entry post link. also share your post link to any of your social media accounts using #steemit and @steemit and share the screenshot below in the comment.
  • Invite a minimum of 3 friends to subscribe to this community.

Maintain Basic Structure of a Post

Contest Duration

This contest will start today and will end on 18 October 2021 at 11:59 IST. (Indian Standard Time).

Contest Prize

The top 3 entries from the participants who have followed all the rules will be selected as a winners.

1st Place Winner
2nd Place Winner
3rd Place Winner

In addition, we request curators to support best entries (not guaranteed). STG community will also support each contestant.

We are eagerly waiting for your participation. So, grab this opportunity. Steem On...

Thank you.

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Very nice contest sir.
Expect my entry soon.
I I vite my friends @fortwis09, @esthyfashion, @dequeen, @fonexsignature to also participate.

Wow, nice contest, kindly check the spelling of the last name you mentioned, thanks for the Invite.

Thanks so much dear for your observations. Have corrected it. Hope to see your entry soon.

Alright great.

Wow this is a great contest topic. I hope I can present my entry soon.

Thank you @madilyn02 for your participation in this contest.

Thank you @chenty for your participation in this contest.

Thank you