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Happy to have won this card

Happy for your support

Hi, friend, can you help me, I sent tipu 8 SBD, and he did not give and did not vote for the post. You can tell me what to do

Can you message me on discord?

I do not have Discord?


Hi, buddy, can you help me. What should I do, I sent tipu 8 SBD, but he did not vote for the post and did not return 8 SBD. Please tell me what to do.

The serve may take 20minutes to pay back all the bids sent by more than 600 transactions each time the bot opens to upvote. Be patient
If after one hour your funds are not back please contact tipu admin in discord official discord group. Link on the offical page of tipu steemit.

More than 2 hours have passed and the money has not been returned

Congratulations @oadissin ! Your fight received an upvote of 20% from the Dealer as incentive for your activity and as a gratitude for your support to the game.
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Thank you for the support