Steemit Enagement Challenge ||πŸ’–πŸ’™||Season2, Week #4 ||πŸ’š|| My work life and Steemit by @mesola

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Hello my beautiful steemians and friends, waooo we are already in week4 in season 2 engagement challenge, this is wonderful and season 3 is around the corner.

The engagement is all about my work and Steemit life which we are to share with others.

Any ways I will first of all start from the beginning of my life to present.

After school and I got married at my final year in school which that didn't give me time to go in job searching.

My late father was a business man and my late mother was also a business man and that makes me believe in business because they were not complaining of hardship. My late mother was a fashion design and she was train singal company in portharcourt and then she then open her own company and be training people until she pass away.
Then my late dad was supplier in shell and alscon limited and also a politician.
Even my siblings are all business men and women and the men's are all politicians so my own case was not different.

So after marriage and my late husband happened to be a business man so everyone surrounding me all happens to be business people and no one works in the company.


Tell us about your work life, do you like your job? Can you make time at work for Steemit? Could Steemit be your first job? How is your financial situation?

You can also mention interesting moments in your work life in your article.


Tell us about your work life


I have never worked for anybody before and so I don't have experience of that I only work for myself and my first business was opening a wine shop and was really moving very well upto to the extent I include chewable like nkobi (cow leg), roasted fish, isewu etc. Since there was space Infront of my shop and some times people will becoming to use the space for birthday party.

My wine shop was name and it was located at osongama estate uyo by dove international school. WHAT3WORDS
And I was not able to do the business alone so I employed two people to work for me and at the end of the month I pay them each 10,000 and this was around 2010 to 2013



The front view of my wine shop and the inside.

Inside my shop you will see all kinds of wines like alcoholic wine, non alcoholic wine, spirit, champagne, etc and I make sure I open it very early in the morning so that those have functions in the morning will not be stranded.

Then at a time my late husband sees that it was becoming stressful for me he then short it down and open a printing press for me and that was around 2013 And I didn't have any knowledge about printing so he had to employ someone to come and train me and within a short period of time I was perfect and the business started booming and I had aprintist and 5 workers, my business became known in Akwa ibom state and people will be referring people to me because i was very time conscious, so because of this more work was coming. I did alot of works for politicians and church, I did a lot of branding starting from flex, branding of cars, branding of t-shirt and caps.


Since I was the CEO I used my face for modeling my company and I was receiving calls from all angle to work for them and at that time I was making a lot of money at a Time I work overtime and some times I close very late like 12am but I was not feeling it because I was seeing the money.

This is me in my office

I was so lucky to loyal workers they stood by me at all angle because I was paying them so well, you can imagine at that time I was paying some of them 30,000 so with this no one was able to buy them off.

I was doing perfectly well in the business Expercially when it comes to election time, I will be doing alot of works for politicians and when it is drying season I will be doing alot of wedding and burial program.

Check out some of my work










So while I was doing my printing press business a friend of mine who was disturbing me to join Norland industrial group of company drove to my office with a brand new SUV with waterproof for us to celebrate, so when she came I was move then I sign up that same day with 50,000 then after 2 months I upgraded to 350,000 package and I was doing very well at a point I had over 51 personal recruit and 40 placement.

Check out my portal



Some of the recruiter came on board with heavy amount of money, what I was doing is that before I recruit them I took them to seminar and once they hear the testimony they will be begging me to come and register them.

One of my recruit in her house.

I continue my printing business until 2020 when my husband pass out and his family took over then I started my food stuff business which I am still doing uptill now. Then in 2021 September I join Steemit Blockchain and I have been combining my food stuff business with Steemit and is a wonderful experience.

do you like your job?


Yes I like my present job even though is stressful but it brings me income to be able to take care of myself and my four children. And being food stuff business I use the opportunity to store food in my house and I don't have to spend much on food, and from the business and Steemit I pay my kids fees, take care of their medical bills and some other stuff so I like my food stuff job and Steemit job.

Can you make time at work for Steemit?


This is an interesting question, I do make Time for Steemit to an extent I am always with my phone because at anytime I can login even when I am on the road, so already I have given Steemit mist of my time and I am enjoying it.

Could Steemit be your first job?


Who won't want Steemit to be his or her first job? Steemit is a very nice platform for any one that knows what is good to belong, let me open up to you, when I came across Steemit I told my sister that I will close down my shop that I have seen a very good business to do and she didn't believe me so after going through training I lock up my business for five months and I devoted all my Time to Steemit not until last last three months I resume again because of lack of vote. But as it stands I will love to work for Steemit if otherwise.

How is your financial situation?


Well as for now my financial situation is not all that strong because of my kids education, and now my first child just finished his WAEC and he is warming up for higher institution and we all know what all that means which requires money and the worst of it all steem that could have been a great relief to me is low but with God I am trying.

Steemit has been a great relief to me since ever I come across the platform, it has great a lot of impact in my life, it has turned me into a great writer, Steemit is the best thing that has happened to me.


What do you need to turn the Steemit platform into your workplaces


Already Steemit platform is my workplace because I have devoted my time in it, and all what I need more is I want to turn my shop into a training place where I can be able to train my recruit because I don't want to be training them in my house any more.

I will love to invite some of my friends for the engagement challenge contest , @grich, @eliany, @patjewel @ngoenyi

More about me

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Wow you really enjoy your business,you are business oriented I love the spirit, keep up the good work anywhere you are you never give up you press on for success. Keep up the good work.

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

Thank you my sister

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

Wow it’s not often you see someone have so many successful businesses. Customer satisfaction like you had in your printing press business was definitely a factor. If your business is good, people will find you no matter where you are. I’m sure you’re doing very well with the food business too. I wish you the best of luck ma.

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

Yeah I am doing well my dear that's what I use in training my kids

Your story is so so touching. You had a very very great talent for printing and I am sure that your workers were loyal to you not just for the pay but because you are having a good heart. I am happy you found steemit after loosing your printing business.

So sorry for the passing of your husband

Your story is so so touching. You had a very very great talent for printing and I am sure that your workers were loyal to you not just for the pay but because you are having a good heart. I am happy you found steemit after loosing your printing business.

So sorry for the passing of your husband

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

My dear no time to stay at home I have to thrive harder no looking back

For sure!

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

You are really a business guru my dear sister. Owning a printing press and managing it is not easy especially during the peak season.

I am glad that you have your foodstuff business that is still keeping you up which you now combine with steemit. That's great.

Your entry is detailed. I admire your work to take care of your kids. The Almighty will keep blessing your efforts

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

Thank you ma'am, it is well. Thank you for your nice comment. The printing press was the best of it all.

The productivity if ine life is from his hard work, you have made several sales in various sections like selling wine, to printing and onboarding people to novland and bow yiu do foodstuffs, wow youbhave really done alot

And combining steemit with your current job will asist you financially

Greetings and blessings
A comment on my recent publication will be appreciated

I have never worked for anybody before and so I don't have experience of that I only work for myself

I was just wow when I saw this. Like you have never worked for anybody in your life that is the dream. That is what I dream of every morning n luckily enough for you you had the family of business people.

Sorry about the upvote, it is normal this particular moment in this terrain. It's also difficult now because of the SBD stuff but I pray things get better with seeing it soon

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

My dear I enjoy doing my business and have my money than answering yes sir to work that can sustain you

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Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

Indeed you and your family are doing well. Please accept my condolences over the demised of your husband that of your family members.

Steemit is a good place to be and I wish you all the best.

What a powerful business woman you are?! You look stunning on the poster for your printing business and you were absolutely right to use your face to do your advert. Your image is inviting I must say.

Being from a business origin and still a business woman is a plus to you as you don't get to depend on anyone for money. That's something I plan to do soon for myself leaving all these people I work for. Self employment is the best these days. It gives you more strength.

We thank God for the impact steemit had made in your life and continue steeming. Soon steem will rise again don't loose hope. Thanks for sharing with us

Β  Β· Β 3 months agoΒ 

My dear I can't work for anyone my dear because no salary will be enough to take care of my children