UCL is white by the color of Madrid

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UCL is over this seassion. And Real Madrid, the most successful team in UCL history, is the new champion of this tournament. They defeated English giant Liverpool by 1-0 goal margin. The final match was held at Parc de Princes, Paris. It is the Home ground of Paris Saint Germain. Real Madrid failed to bring Mbappe from PSG, but able to bring the UCL trophy from Paris to their home. What a great achievement!

Real Madrid defeated Liverpool four years before in another UCL final at Kiev at 2018. Where Madrid beat Liverpool by 3-1 goal margin. So it was the biggest opportunity for Liverpool to revenge from Madrid by defeating them. But this time they failed again against Madrid. Because of only one goal of Vinicius and a an unbelievable performance of Thibaut Courtois make Madrid champion of UCl of this session.

Madrid is the highest trophy winner of UCL history. They have lifted the trophy of this tournament total 14 times. The second highest winner is AC Milan. The Italian giant have won it times. So as it stands Real has two times more than the trophy of the second highest winner. Can you believe it in UCL? Just an unbelieveable team of football history.

You may be a rival of Madrid, may be you hate thi team, watching the winning moment of this team may be the cause of bleeding from your heart, but you can't deny this team is the best ib UCL history, best in La Liga, The best in the history of football. A great respect to this club.

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