Pep Guardiola, Manchester City and a perfect number 9.

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Man City has been new champion of EPL. It is their second consecutive league title and four times among the last five season. The time they lost the title to liverpool in last five season, they were on the second position. This shows us how good was the performance of Manchester City in EPL. It was obviouly surprising to see City's performance. But I now want to talk another dark part of City in this post.

In the 2021-2022 season, it was very hard to beat City if they lead first in a match. Basically didn't lose a match except against Madrid in UCL which they have lead first. But what if the opponent lead first over City. Most of the time City became able to gain full point in that match they conceded goal at first. Last year all the game they have been beaten, they have conceded goal first. That is why it goes that City didn't play well under pressure. But I can realize another great problem in this regard that almost all matches they lost, their finishing at final third was too bad. Even in that matches they win, many finishing in the final third was too bad.

What is the reason for that? Is there no player whose finishing is good? I think all of the player play for City is world class. But it is very true that they have no perfect number 9. The only number 9 in their squade is Gabriel Jesus. But the finishing of Jesus is not so good. Moreover, City boss Guardiola don't like to play a perfect number 9. But they have suffered a lot for this.

Think about the match against Real Madrid at 1st leg. If the finishing was good, perhaps City could send the ball in Madrid's net minimum 10 time. But their finishing was too bad and consequently they were beaten in the 2nd leg and knocked out from UCL.

So I think City should play a perfect number 9. May be they have already thought about that. Thay have bought Erling Halland from Borussia who is proven as a perfect number nine in Bundesliga.

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