Most competitive league in Europe.

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Which league is the most competitive among Europe top flight? May be the answer will come for EPL most time from the general football fan. It is almost true for many reasons. From the early age, EPL is the most unpredictable league and obviously more competitive. Among the 20 teams that played in EPl, almost 7-8 teams played for directly to be champion. Rest of the team also compete heavily. They can easily beat the top team in their days. That make this league more competitive than others.

After EPL, I think La Liga is the most competitive now. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletico Madrid played hard for Title. Moreover Sevilla, Valencia can also bring a big breakthrow in their days.

I can't talk about Bundesliga and League1. There are total dominance of Bayern in Bundesliga and PSG in League1. Though some team sometimes fight in League1 against PSG, There is basically no competition in Bundesliga against Bayern Muchen.

Even two years ago, Juventus had total dominance in Serie A. But now two club from Milan are fighting more to be champion. In last season, Inter Milan became the league champion after 11 years. And this year, AC Milan became the champion in Serei A. So obviously I have to say that Serie A is now becoming competitive after a long time.

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